FIA Global’s Bank Mitras spreading awareness on Coronavirus in Rural India

New Delhi: FIA Global, a leading fintech company in digital payment & distribution systems for the last-mile financial inclusion in Indian and Nepal, is dedicated to serving people in rural India during the coronavirus outbreak. While the lockdown persists, FIA Global, with the help of its star Bank Mitras, is reaching out to different villages in India and providing access to essential financial services in the areas.
While Bank Mitras are continuously safeguarding the financial safety of their customers, FIA Global has ensured care of their Bank Mitras so that people feel secure and safe while visiting the centre.
While the company is focusing on continuous banking services, Bank Mitras are also spreading awareness about the #CoronavirusPandemic in these areas to help people informed about the situation.
The initiative was appreciated by FICCI-Tech through their twitter handle.