.FEST presents a magical experience with a soulful Sufi Night

Bhubaneswar: Beating all the Monday blues .FEST (Bhubaneshwar City Festival) presented a soulful Sufi experiences to the audiences that gathered in thousands to enjoy a blissful performance. Known for his mesmerizing voice Odisha born singer, Rituraj gave one of his best performances at the festival. He performed songs like Adhuri Zindagi, Piya Re, Galliyan and Muskurane Ki Wajah and the audiences turned ecstatic with his performance. The experience was elevated by the famous, Nooran Sisters – Sultana and Jyoti Nooran as they wowed audiences with their phenomenal energy and talent. The audience was also treated to the presence of the Indian Men’s Hockey Team today at .FEST who were applauded for their recent victory.
Every Sufi song is known to be richly diverse with its verses and meaning in every line. At the festival, audiences were given a glimpse into this world of Sufi as both artists; Rituraj and the Nooran Sisters dazzled the masses with their talent and dedication for Sufi. Sultana and Jyoti Nooran were in perfect sync as they performed some of their recent hits such as ‘Parde mein rehne do’, ‘Tung Tung Baaje’ ‘Patola Gudi’, Allah Hoo’, Piya Re Piya Re’ and ‘Dama Dam Mast Kalandar’ and had the audiences sing along to each beat.
The ongoing festival continues to welcome thousands of audiences for its curated experience across food, entertainment and more!Visitors tucked into an array of dishes as The International Street Food Festival continues to offer an exhibition of authentic and international fare from over 16 countries and multiple states across India and Odia cuisine.
Amidst the on-going performances, the BhuFeSto wrapped up today. The last day of BhuFeSto witnessed rich and old storytelling traditions sessions such as the 13th Century old Urdu storytelling style of Dastangoi. The five days long festival hosted around 16 storytellers and their troupes from all over the world. This included the likes of Paula Martin from Argentina, Dr. WajuppaTossa from Thailand and Sabrina Anastasia from France. Interestingly some of the best story telling the listeners experienced was by local storytellers from Odisha, who were on par with the best in the world.
Tomorrow, .FEST will showcase Gen.Next rock bands selected from schools and beyond schools titled – Bhubaneswar Bandwidth- Drumming Up for Glory. Be there to encourage the young performers.

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