Fake certificate racket busted in Baragarh

Baragarh: Bargarh police on Sunday busted a racket providing fake educational certificates to students. Based on the allegation of a principal of a college, the police under the direction of SP Anoop Krishna initiated an enquiry and found the allegation to be correct.
Along with accused Sarat Kumar Rath, who provided the certificates, the police also arrested two students, Tilak Rout and Umesh Sahu for producing the certificates for admission in +2 classes.
Principal of the college, Dr Pandav Behera found two certificates issued from a school in Uttar Pradesh produced by the duo, forged during inquiry and informed the matter to the police. The Bargarh town police also inquired into the matter and could know from the students that they collected the certificates from Rath by depositing Rs 12, 000 for each certificate.
During a raid at the house of Rath, the police seized computers, scanner machines and other necessary materials which were used for producing fake certificates. The police came to the conclusion that Rath was doing the illegal business for last two years.
Police is now enquiring into who else have taken such fake certificates from Rath.