Eye Reading: What Is Your Partner Thinking About?

You might have watched a lot of movies and TV shows about how mentalists read minds and emotions, just looking at the person and noticing their facial expressions and gestures. Someone has this skill from birth, and another one has made a long way to get this experience. If you think that reading people is difficult, and you will hardly be able to understand Russian girls online, then we will dispel your doubts and provide you with several tips on how to notice indicators, which allow you to find out what your partner is thinking about.

  1. A Person Tries Not to Make Eye Contact

If the topic of your conversation has bothered your partner, and they want to finish it as soon as possible, then they will try to avoid eye contact. You can either change the subject or stop talking. You are unlikely to have a full-fledged dialogue with such a person.

  1. Eye Contact

If the partner makes eye contact, then, most likely, they have nothing to hide from you. They are completely focused on you and the topic of your conversation. In case you need to ask them a favor, this is the best time to do that. Such a person is prone to a serious conversation and is clearly interested in it.

  1. Fleet Glance

If your partner has restless look and shifty eyes, then something is wrong. Perhaps, you have given them some disturbing information, or they are just afraid to tell you something. In any case, they are unlikely to listen to you carefully, so do not expect any help or attention.

  1. Looking Down

If your beloved one is constantly looking down or at their hands, then they feel shame. If you have noticed a sharp change of mood, then, most likely, you have told something, for which they are ashamed or uncomfortable. Or you might have touched on an awkward topic for conversation. If you initially noticed this behavior, then you might expect unpleasant bad news from the partner. In addition, reading people means helping yourself to correctly respond and perceive their words.

  1. Looking Up

If your partner looks above your head or eye level, then they feel superior to you. There are two options: they are either proud of something, telling you any news, or they just feel more confident and better than you.

  1. Looking to the Right

When your partner is looking to the right without a reason, then they are thinking of some information, which doesn’t necessarily belong to the topic of your conversation. Most likely, they almost do not listen to you and are completely focused on their thoughts.

  1. Looking to the Left

This means analyzing the information received. Perhaps, your partner is trying to visualize what they have heard and to come up with a solution. Besides, the person might seriously think about their answer.


  1. Shifty Eyes

If you notice that the partner’s eyes are constantly moving, then you are given false information. To immediately understand whether your beloved one is lying, ask them a couple of clarifying questions. Shifty eyes mean that a person cannot concentrate on one thought and try to make up some story or answer which has nothing in common with reality.

Why Is It So Helpful to Know How to Read People?

The fact is that the better you can evaluate others, the bigger number of worthy people will be around you. In private life, this will help avoid deceitful people and build healthy relationships. In general, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. You should just practice more often. After some time, analyzing emotions, facial expressions, and gestures, on an intuitive level you will feel false or, on the contrary, pure thoughts and a good attitude towards you.

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