External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar leads the ongoing Foreign Ministers’ Session of the Voice Of Global South Summit

New Delhi : EAM Dr. S. Jaishankar leads the ongoing Foreign Ministers’ Session of the Voice Of Global South Summit attended by Foreign Ministers of 13 countries holding discussions on ensuring a conducive environment for development of the Global South.

Addressing the Foreign Ministers’ Session of the Voice of Global South Summit the EAM Dr. S. Jaishankar discussed the following eight  points beginning with Summit is conceived as a platform of developing countries to share concerns, perspectives &priorities. It has particular importance as India takes over G20 Presidency.

Secondly, mentioning Whether it is the impact of Covid, food & energy security, climate change, terrorism, ongoing conflicts and debt crises, search for solutions do not give due weight to needs and aspirations of the Global South.

Thirdly, those who were promised an interconnected world now see a world with higher walls, insensitive to social needs and discriminatory in its health practices.

India stands for 3 sensitive shifts in its case for a‘Global South sensitive’ model: (i) from self-centered globalization to human-centered globalization (ii) from being on receiving end of tech patronage,to deploying Global South-led innovations for societal transformation.(iii) from debt creating projects to a demand-driven and sustainable development cooperation.

We would work towards de-centralizing & de-risking globalization. This would offer: -greater opportunities to more nations; -a stronger desire to foster localization; -improve connectivity, and -reconfigure  supply chains to ensure economic security.

India stands ready to share its experiences and expertise; including our game changing digital public goods in universal identification, financial payments, direct benefit transfer, digital health, commerce, industry and logistics.

India’s record speaks for itself. Our development projects in 78 countries are demand-driven, transparent, empowerment oriented, environment friendly and rely on a consultative approach. All the while ensuring respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.It would be our sincere endeavour to amplify our convergences and speak as one voice on matters that are so critical to the peace and prosperity of our societies.


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