Existing lockdown conditions/restrictions in Bhubaneswar to continue: BMC

Bhubaneswar: As Bhubaneswar is a #COVID19 hotspot, existing lockdown restrictions enforced for entire BMC area will remain as usual. Except for opening of all govt offices, selective relaxation for economic activities from April 20 will not be permitted. Further decision after review says BMC.

The Commissionerate police on Sunday said there would be no change in Bhubaneswar in connection with restrictions due to the lockdown. Shops selling fertiliser, pesticide, animal feed and agricultural equipments would continue to be closed. This apart, shops selling cement, paint, iron, etc., would remain closed. Repair shops would also remain closed, said Commissioner of Police Sudhanshu Sarangi.

Emergency repairs of AC, refrigerator, etc., would be allowed to open by dial 100 only.

For the State Government employees in Bhubaneswar, they have to show their identity cards and a letter from head of offices mobilising for duty so that police personnel would let them go. There is no vehicle pass required for the State Government employees, Sarangi said.

For the Central Government employees in Bhubaneswar, as per the MHA order, all officers above the rank of Deputy Secretary would attend their offices. Others would be limited to 30%. They would be allowed to go to offices by showing identity cards. No vehicle pass is required, the Commissioner said.

IT and ITeS companies in Bhubaneswar are to continue their works from home arrangement and function with a maximum of 25% staffs coming to offices. They would be allowed on showing of company I-cards and email showing that they are part of the 25% asked to come to office, he added.