Exiled Tibetan government celebrated Indian Independence day at Dharamshala



Report by Arvind Sharma,Dharamshala: President of the Tibetan government in Exile ,Dr Lobsang Sangay congratulated India on the occasion of its 72nd Independence Day.

“It is a day to remember what a great country India is,” President said, after unfurling the Indian national flag at the Kashag, the Tibetan Secretariat in Dharamshala north India today.

He further added, “Since gaining its independence in 1947, India has made great achievements. The literacy rate in 1947 was estimated around 12 percent and now it is 74 percent, more than a billion people. The economy is fifth largest in the world. Politically India has become a global power. So in the last 70 plus years, India has achieved a lot.”

Dr Lobsang said that India has done more for Tibetans than any other country. Hence the generous and loving people of India deserve our congratulations and Happy Independence day.

The ceremony was attended by Tibetan Ministers , secretaries and senior officials of all the departments.

Tea and sweets were distributed after the ceremony.