Ever Growing Coupons and Cashback Market place Complimenting  E-commerce Space and The DealsShutter Story


It is indeed said that Cashback is the best marketing technique one can ever use in E-Commerce space. It helps customers to choose from a variety of options at a fantastic discount/in-exchange vouchers; it also helps in repeat transactions with existing customers.

This article will give a glimpse of stats around the cash back and coupon marketplace with a mention to an upcoming startup in the same space named Deals Shutter.

DealsShutter was founded by TarunDeep Singh in 2016 and has taken his coupon/cash back marketplace both online and offline.  There are very few players in the market who operate offline and online, none from the list of top players such as Cash Karo, Coupon Dunia, etc.  

DealsShutter provides terrific deals for fashion, food, online shopping, offline retail stores in Amritsar, movie bookings, and much more. It has served more than 10,000 customers and is looking to grow at a rate of more than 10% per annum.

Coming to the cash back and coupons marketplace, the market is stated to be valued at more than 200 crores as per a report on a daily in 2017. The growth rate of Coupons marketplace is parallel to the growth in e-commerce space.  E-commerce market has been growing at more than 18% per annum, and the growth rate in coupons marketplace is approximately 22% annum.

Evolution of Coupons Marketplace and constant growth in E-Commerce market has given the customers a vast variety of choices of deals on the same product from different platforms. Similarly, coupons market players make an agreement of sure % of commission from different platforms and ensure sale season; different e-commerce platform gives a high rate of commission with an aim to increase sales.

An example of how coupons marketplace is growing is a situation of Mr.X looking to buy a Dell laptop of 40,000 in and he got the price in offline retail stores, but when he checked one of the coupons marketplaces, he was getting an 8% cashback while purchasing via their affiliate link.  This helped Mr.X save 3200 in and also made him a repeat customer of e-commerce shopping. This is also a perfect example of how coupons and deals marketplace compliments e-commerce space.

There are about 42 players in coupon and cash back market, and eight players out of them share 95% of the market. This figure is expected to change with ever-growing e-commerce players in the market in the country.

Final Words,

In this article we have talked about coupons and Cashback marketplace, how e-commerce market compliments cash back marketplace, a special mention has been given to DealsShutter (best-emerging startup in this market), and much more. Thank you for reading and let us know via comments section if we have missed out on anything.