‘Ethics and Compliance’ week observed at JSW Odisha mines

Barbil: JSW Steel limited Odisha mining division observed ‘ethics and compliance’ week from 04th March to 10th March 2021. With the aim to educate and sensitize employees & partner companies regarding Code of Conduct, Ethics, Anti-Bribery and related matters, a number of awareness sessions and employee engagement activities were conducted throughout the week by the unit.
Reiterating the effort, Mr. Ranjan Nayak, Chief Operating Officer, JSW Steel Limited (Odisha) said, “It is absolutely important for an organisation to have a system of governance that lays down the guiding principles, expected behavior and actions from all employees both individually and collectively. As employees, we have always been complying with the Code of conduct and statutory laws/regulations that apply to our business. We at JSW Steel, have had a strong footing with values and continue to uphold them with utmost sincerity and diligence.”
The efforts made in these directions have been praiseworthy with motivated employees at times immediately reporting cases of malpractices etc with management. In a recent incidence, as per sources, two of the customers tried to bribe one of the officials from the company. The employee immediately reported the same and the unit took stringent action against the customers and cut off all business transaction with the said parties with immediate effect.
It is noteworthy that as an organization, JSW Steel is focused on creation of an environment where employees are educated and made aware of elements of good governance, transparency and integrity and have a zero-tolerance policy towards unethical behaviour and malpractices.