Environment & Minerals Awarness Program by UAIL at Baphlimali Mines

Bhubaneswar: The Regional Environment and Mineral Awareness Program (EMAP) was successfully organized at Baphlimali mines area of Utkal Alumina International Limited a unit of Hindalco Industries of Aditya Birla Groupunder the banner of the Society of Geoscientists & Allied Technologists, Bhubaneswar with great enthusiasm.
The entire program was designed for the students of Govt.UG High school, Maikanch with the sole objective to sensitize them about the importance of the protection and preservation of our natural resources and also to induce knowledge about environment protection through appropriate measures.
20 Students from three schools named Govt.High School, Tikiri, SSVM Kashipur and Govt.High school, Maikanch in and around Kashipur block actively participated in this program and were educated about the Baphlimali Bauxite Mine and also about other mineral reserves and resources in Odisha. The students seemed to embrace all the information with keen interest. The information about the various mineral deposits of Odisha, their identification and their protection were discussed in thredbare. This was followed by a competition among the participating schools which comprised events like Mineral identification, debate, essay writing and quiz.
Speaking on the occasion, the Unit Head of UAIL, Mr. MazharBeig has expressed that the proactive participation of the students and the enthusiasm of today’s generation towards environmental and mineral awareness adds value to our efforts of conserving the environment and taking the nation towards sustainable energy path.
The program was graced by Mr. Mukesh Jha, (Head Mines), Mr. K.C Jyotishi (Head Geology) and Mr. Siba Mahapatra (CSR Head), who spoke to the students and their accompanying teachers on the subject matter and the chief guests distributed the prizes to winners.

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