Enthusiasts on a heritage trail, rediscovers Baitarani Valley !

Jajpur: It was not so much difficult for around ten heritage and nature lovers to wake up at 4:30 AM and get prepared for a fresh visit to the Baitarani Valley. The journey started at 6:30 AM from Bhubaneswar to the heritage district of Jajpur on a pleasant Sunday morning on 18th August 2019. From the beautiful heritage temples & scenic spots that dots the Baitarani banks, the maiden tour touched a handful of magnificent sites including Deuli Hills, Barahanatha Temple, Dasaswamedha Ghata, Jagannatha Temple & Biraja Temple. The route was designed in such a way that people would know about the monuments which are lesser known apart from the popular ones.
The first stop was the majestic Deuli hills, situated in the confluence of two rivers, better known as the Sunrise/Sunset point. Next site was Barahanatha Temple on the left bank of Baitarani river. It’s a unique temple of Lord Baraha, built in 15th/16th century by Suryavanshi Gajapati rulers. Next destination was Dasaswamedha Ghata, a riverfront best known for the Hindu rituals of shraadha, pinda daana & bathing. The surrounding temples includes Siddha Ganesha Temple, Saptamatruka Temple etc. Then it was time to touch the architectural marvel Jagannatha Temple nearby. The original temple was built in 13th century by the Ganga rulers & renovated later on. Finally, the most famous temple of Biraja Khetra – Goddess Biraja Temple complex was visited. The presiding deity of Durga is said to be from the 5th century. All persons were fascinated by feeling the serenity of the sites and natural beauty the location possessed.
Arobinda Mohanty, one of the new yet enthusiastic participant, said, “It’s really wonderful to know about such lesser known heritage monuments in Jajpur beyond Buddhist circuit.”. Ashis Sahu said,” We never knew that Jajpur has its share of ancient history & heritage. We normally make a visit to Biraja temple only & never tried to explore the nearby areas. it’s really fascinating to see that there is a beautiful Brahma Kunda nearby”.
“Since winter season is approaching, we are working on our strategy and timings, so that people who are enthusiastic for such tours, can comfortably attend. We will soon disclose the dates of our next tour with some surprises” said Taranisen Pattnaik, one of the co-founders of the organizing start-up.
Aitiha is an initiative to promote heritage & culture through guided tours & trails. Founded by a dedicated team from the twin cities of Cuttack & Bhubaneswar, Aitiha’s sole motto is to make more people aware of the lesser known sites along with the popular ones, be it heritage, culture or nature. More details can be found in its website www.aitiha.com, through the social media handles on Facebook (aitiha1), Twitter (https://twitter.com/aitiha1) and Instagram (aitiha_) or via email at [email protected]

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