Enforcement Teams of TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd. (TPNODL) helps to reduce electricity theft in five districts

Balasore : One of the major hurdles in the seamless power supply is power theft since it overburdens the network which causes multiple faults and tripping. Also the cost of unauthorized drawal & consumption of power is ultimately loaded onto the other consumers in terms of higher tariffs. Considering the need to overcome this critical issue, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd. (TPNODL), a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, has deployed Enforcement Teams to put an end to the power thefts. Within a short span of eight months, the teams’ collective efforts have resulted in checking 57,000 KW of unauthorized load from 25704 consumers in the form of meter tampering, hooking, meter bypassing, etc.

A total of 20 teams consisting of 104 members in each team have been deployed round the clock for theft booking. These teams along with spreading awareness undertake many activities such as night raids, focused area raids, hooking removal drives, identified tampering raids and replacing old and defective meters to ensure maximum power supply to the consumer. Through the enforcement teams, as of now more than 9 crores have been collected by the department towards penalty. This was possible as TPNODL undertakes a mega enforcement drive with the field teams, twice a month regularly.

“As a responsible power company, we have always kept our focus on providing reliable & affordable power supply to our consumers. The deployment of a hardworking and dedicated team in checking electricity theft is another step of our commitment towards this. We will keep on working with more efforts for creating a robust network and a reliable power supply for our consumers. We would request all our consumers to immediately report any theft, hooking, tampering or suspected unauthorized drawal to our Call Center at 1912/ 18003456718 for immediate action at our end” said Mr. Bhaskar Sarkar, CEO, TPNODL.

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