Energy saving is must for a better future: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

New Delhi : Chief Minister  Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appealed to the people of the state to make every effort to save energy. Shri Chouhan has tweeted on the occasion of National Energy Conservation Day on December 24 that – “Conservation of energy is the creation of energy.” Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has requested the people of the state to resolve to stop unnecessary consumption of energy in every sphere of daily life, conserve energy sources and make people aware about its importance and provide a better future to the coming generation.

Urja Saksharta Abhiyan has been started on November 25 to encourage the people of the state to save electricity. The campaign aims to save 10 percent electricity with the cooperation of the people. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also, personally makes conscious efforts to save electricity. In this regard, in a program organized in Delhi on December 3, he had said – “If I see a tube light or bulb burning in vain at my residence, I turn it off myself.” Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has instructed all the officers and employees of his residence office to ensure conservation of power. All the officers and employees posted in the residence have been instructed to turn off unnecessary burning lights, use room heater or AC only as per requirement. These instructions are being followed with utmost sensitivity.

Under the Urja Saksharta Abhiyan, work is being done to make all the citizens of the state energy literate according to a time bound action plan. In the campaign, activities are being conducted with the objective of providing information about conventional and alternative sources of energy and their impact on the environment to develop an understanding of the expenditure and wastage of energy among the general public.

Activities to educate the public on environmental risks, negative impacts of climate change and global warming, to reduce them and to enable the general public to choose different energy technologies are being undertaken in the campaign. Urja Saksharta Abhiyan is being conducted in the state in the form of a mission to provide information to the students of schools and colleges and the general public.

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