Emission control measures by thermal power plants

New Delhi : Government of India vide Gazette Notification dated 21.05.2020 made rules for use of coal by thermal power plants, without stipulations of ash content or distance, subject to following conditions:

(1) Setting Up Technology Solution for emission norms:

(i) Compliance of specified emission norms for Particulate Matter, as per extant notifications and instructions of Central Pollution Control Board, issued from time to time.

(ii) In case of washeries, Middling and rejects to be utilized in FBC (Fluidised Bed Combustion) technology based thermal power plants. Washery to have linkage for middling and rejects in Fluidised Bed Combustion plants.

(2)     Management of Ash Ponds:

(i) The thermal powers plants shall comply with conditions, as notified in the Fly Ash notification issued from time to time, without being entitled to additional capacity of fly ash pond (for existing power generation capacity) on ground of switching from washed coal to unwashed coal.

(ii) Appropriate Technology solutions shall be applied to optimise water consumption for Ash management;

(iii) The segregation of ash may be done at the Electro-Static Precipitator stage, if required, based on site specific conditions, to ensure maximum utilization of fly ash;

(iv)  Subject to 2 (i) above, the thermal power plants to dispose fly ash in abandoned or working mines (to be facilitated by mine owner) with environmental safeguards.

(3) Transportation:

(i) Coal transportation may be undertaken by covered Railway wagon (railway wagons covered by tarpaulin or other means) and/or covered conveyer beyond the mine area. However, till such time enabling Rail transport/conveyer infrastructure is not available, road transportation may be undertaken in trucks, covered by tarpaulin or other means.

(ii) It shall be ensured by the thermal power plant that

a) Rail siding facility or conveyor facility is set up at or near the power plant, for transportation by rail or conveyor; and

b) If transportation by rail or conveyor facility is not available, ensure that the coal is transported out from the Delivery Point of the respective mine in covered trucks (by tarpaulin or other means), or any mechanized closed trucks by road.

The notification dated 21.05.2020 has stipulated pollution control measures to be taken by thermal power plants. With advancement in pollution control technologies, thermal power plants are better equipped to capture fly-ash generated in combustion process and unwashed coal can be used more efficiently and economically.

This information was given by  R.K. Singh, Union Minister for Power and New and Renewable Energy in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.

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