Embark on a Regal Journey: IndiGo’s Flight Path Connects Lucknow’s City of Nawabs and Ahmedabad’s Textile Heritage to Abu Dhabi

New Delhi: IndiGo, India’s leading carrier, has announced new connections Lucknow-Abu Dhabi and Ahmedabad-Abu Dhabi, effective July 12, 2023, and August 11, 2023, respectively. These flights aim to strengthen international connectivity and cater to the rising demand for travel to the Middle East, strengthening IndiGo’s connectivity to Abu Dhabi.

Currently, IndiGo already operates flights to Abu Dhabi from 5 major Indian cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, and Hyderabad. The addition of these routes will enhance the accessibility and convenience for passengers travelling from north and west India to the cosmopolitan capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Vinay Malhotra, Head Global Sales, IndiGo said, “As part of our mission to enhance accessibility and connect India with international markets, we have introduced new flights between Lucknow-Abu Dhabi and Ahmedabad-Abu Dhabi. With the introduction of these flights, IndiGo now operates 49 weekly flights into Abu Dhabi from 7 cities in India. The introduction of these flights will not only provide more options to customers planning vacations and business trips but also boost trade to Abu Dhabi, which also has a strong textile industry. We will continue to offer new options and remain committed to our promise of courteous, hassle-free, on-time, and affordable travel experience across an unparalleled network.”

Abu Dhabi has established itself as a world-class destination over the years. The Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism recently announced its plan to attract 24 million visitors by 2023. The launch of additional flights by IndiGo will allow people to discover more entertainment and travel options in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, is well-known for its luxurious shopping centers, stunning architecture, and cultural landmarks such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The new connection to Abu Dhabi from Lucknow and Ahmedabad will improve access to tourist attractions such as Ferrari World, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Yas Island, and others. Furthermore, Abu Dhabi’s cutting-edge architecture and breath-taking sea views are a sight to behold.

Ahmedabad has emerged as one of the country’s most valuable economic and industrial hubs. It is the second-largest producer of cotton in India and is famous for tourist attractions situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River. People prefer to visit Ahmedabad for its world-famous cotton textiles, a wide variety of mouth-watering snacks, diamond cutting, and tourist attractions like Sabarmati Ashram, Bhadra Fort, Kankaria Lake, Calico Museum, Swaminarayan temple, Rani no Hajiro, and more. On the other hand, Lucknow, the city of nawabs, has several fascinating architectural structures worth exploring. Lucknow’s beautiful city is also well-known for its culture, food, art, and development. The city has experienced tremendous growth over the years, becoming one of Uttar Pradesh’s fastest-growing cities.

These flights are designed to cater to business and leisure travellers who are constantly on the lookout for new and affordable flying options to access destinations that facilitate business development and are known for their tourist attractions. Customers who wish to plan their travel can book tickets via our official website www.goIndiGo.in. The introduction of these flights will further bolster the airline’s international connectivity.


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