Eliminating Viral Hepatitis By 2030 Eliminating Viral Hepatitis By 2030

Bhubaneswar: In 2017 there are 325 million people living with viral hepatitis, yet less than 1% of people have access to life-saving medicines. World Hepatitis Day is unique opportunity to position your business at the forefront of eliminating a global killer.Every year on 28th July, “WHO” with Other Organization celebrate “World Hepatitis Day” to increase the awareness and understanding of viral Hepatitis & its consequences.Viral hepatitis, a group of infectious diseases known as hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E affects Millions of people worldwide, causing liver diseases, there by killing 1-2 Million people every year. Despite of these facts, hepatitis remains largely unknown.Focus is being given to improve Prevention, diagnosis & treatment of viral hepatitis. World hepatitis day provides an opportunity to focus on specific action such as-strengthening Prevention, Screening & control of viral hepatitis and  related diseases.• Increasing hepatitis-B vaccine coverage & integration of vaccine into national immunization program.• Coordinating a global response to world hepatitis.28th July was chosen as a mark of respect for the birthday of Nobel laureate Prof. Baruch Samuel Blumberg, who discovered hepatitis-B virus and its vaccine.We must pledge today, we will be aware, educate & eradicate hepatitis which would save millions of lives worldwide.KEY MESSAGE OF WORLD HEPATITIS DAY 2017.
Elimination of Viral Hepatitis :1. Known the risk of unsafe blood, unsafe injection, sharing drug injection equipment which can results in hepatitis B & C infection.2. Demand safe injection 2 million people a year contracts hepatitis from unsafe injection. Using sterile  single use syringes can prevents hepatitis.3. Vaccination children approximately 7,80,000 person die each year from hepatitis B.A. safe & effective vaccine can save people from hep.-B virus4. Get tested have safe sexual activity, seek treatment and effective medicine. Awareness for hepatitis-B & C.Things one need know :1. Hepatitis A,B,C,D & E virus.2. Get tested, Blood transfusion.3. Routine check up in Pregnancy.4. Early recognition & treatment.5. Every body should be vaccinated for hepatitis-B