Eden: Where Dreams turn into Reality for Senior Citizens!

Dehradun: Life is all about living, and living it to the full at a stage when one has fulfilled all the obligations are what many of us dream of, more so, when we are reminded of ARISTOTLE’s words, “YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO SET ANOTHER GOAL OR TO DREAM A NEW DREAM.”

With our surroundings promising us a new phase, and our country looking at a fresh phase of re-organized set up for us, many of us in India have turned our attention to the needs – and demands – of the middle-aged, and even the retired and the elderly. Keeping in mind that with regular exercising and making fitness as one’s life’s mantra, many aging men and women have started re-looking at preserving themselves and living life to the full, and a novel concept of senior living has been conceptualized as Eden Senior Living & Wellness in Dehradun.

A unique property developed by developers Eden retirement Living Pvt. Ltd., Eden Senior living facility in Dehradun has come about after many years of aspirations, dreams, and efforts of the three promoters Sanjiv Vohra, Deepak Gupta, and Samir Gupta. The trio of the core team has come together from different disciplines, complementary skills and backgrounds with a view to giving shape to the common goal to create a place for seniors who are open to options of moving out of the big cities to give themselves a healthier life.

Located in the verdant environs of The Himalayas at Dehradun in Uttarakhand, Eden Senior Living & Wellness is easily accessible by roads, rail, and air from Delhi and other major cities of India. A senior living abode with its the foundation on preventive and holistic care and wellness which is really the need of today, Eden is a housing facility cum wellness center based on integrative medicine blending traditional alternative and modern day medicine for holistic health results and overall wellness. Given the need for senior care and living in India, Eden is a high-quality housing facility with all the basic amenities for the senior people available inside the compound, such as a swimming pool, car rental service, grocery store, gym, etc. Additionally, even if a tie-up with MAX Hospital with a 24X7 assistance would ensure a trouble-free existence, a couple of doctors too, will be on call for any emergency related services.

Speaking about their project, Founder & Managing Director- Eden Senior Living & Wellness, Deepak Gupta says, “With a rapidly aging population, it is imperative that we start planning now for how we will house and care for the senior population in the future. Therefore, our prime project Eden Senior Living and Wellness – is unique in many ways. Our being in the real estate business successfully for many years now has propelled us to push the boundaries of our work and look beyond. Eden is for all those who want a grand home post-retirement without the worry of daily chores or even maintenance. In fact, we are more like a larger senior care community providing full-time medical and custodial care that is usually available in assisted living options. Eden Seniors is akin to an abode with an emphasis on wellness, but designed by experts on the lines of a resort that fulfills all needs of our elderly, that too, within most reasonable means.”

Since times have changed drastically, especially for the senior population in India, and there has been an evolution of sorts, it is all the more reason to start thinking and planning for a safe and secure retirement living. As opposed to the earlier norm when post retirement, parents lived with their children in India, in the present scenario, our parents and other senior citizens want to choose not just the time of retirement but also their homes to lead independent lives, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan cities.

In a win-win situation, while the young continue to live independently, seniors too would be content with this transition as they can lead a life that is unrestrained, and yet dignified as well as self-reliant.


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