ECoR tops the list of zones of Indian Railways in loading; Loaded 241.51 Million Tonne of Freight from its jurisdiction in 2022-23 FY

Bhubaneswar : East Coast Railway (ECoR) has achieved a new milestone in freight loading in current financial year (FY-2022-23) by loading 241.51 Million Tonne of freight from its jurisdiction and created history by being the first zone to have achieved such figures in freight loading over Indian Railways. ECoR has achieved this figure against 232.13 million tonne loaded in 2021-22 financial year by registering an increase of 9.37 million tonne more than previous year.


East Coast Railway is also the only Railway of Indian Railways which has crossed a feat of 220 Million Tonne, 230 Million Tonne and 240 Million Tonne Milestone in the current fiscal. Ministry of Railways had set a target to load 240.60 Million Tonne for East Coast Railway and it has successfully achieved the target for the FY 2022-23.


ECoR has loaded its ever best loading on an average of about 10000 wagons per day during the current FY. This is also a remarkable performance after many challenges and adverse conditions on loading and train operations like public agitations, workers issues in loading and unloading, Maoist activities and other railway construction activities which required blocks to be taken on many routes.


Surpassing the last year loading and fulfilling the target of loading have been achieved due to focus on innovative steps and key interventions by Railway Ministry which helped to get it on to the fast-track. For the above remarkable performance, Coal was the major commodity carried by ECoR, which is about 149.64 MT, followed by Iron Ore 25.56MT, Iron and Steel 19.33, Fertiliser 5.90 MT Container 3.89 MT, Raw Material for steel plants 7.79 MT etc. Contribution of 03 divisions in this achievement is from Khurda Road Division-155.34 MT, Waltair Division 69.63 MT and from Sambalpur Division – 16.54 MT. Two divisions of ECoR i.e., Khurda Road & Waltair have obtained the 3rd & 6th position respectively among 68 divisions of Indian Railways.


During the last financial year, ECoR has contributed 15% of total loading by Indian Railways, i.e., 1512.073 MT. South East Central Railway which loaded 214.58 MT in this FY is the 2nd highest loading zone on Indian Railways after East Coast Railway, whereas South Eastern Railway achieved a loading figure of 202.61 MT at third position.


East Coast Railway General Manager Shri Manoj Sharma congratulated the entire workforce and gave full credit for this achievement to its hardworking and dedicated staff over all its three Divisions. Apart from this, the efforts and cooperation from all stakeholders including Collieries, Ports, Steel Plants, Cement, Alumina Plants, Petroleum Companies and Food Corporation of India have also helped to achieve this feat.

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