e-Office to be implemented in 133 Attached, Subordinate Offices and Autonomous Bodies as part of 100 days agenda of the Government

In the years 2019–2024, the adoption of e-Office gained significant momentum in the Central Secretariat with 37 lac files i.e., 94 percent of files being handled as e-Files and 95 percent of receipts being handled as e-receipts. Government developed e-Office analytics to further deepen the initiative. In the backdrop of the successful implementation of the e-Office platform in the Central Secretariat, Government has decided that e-Office will be implemented in all attached, subordinate offices and autonomous bodies of the Government of India as part of DARPG’s 100-days agenda of Government. 133 attached, Subordinate offices and Autonomous Bodies were identified for implementation following inter-ministerial consultations. DARPG issued the guidelines for adoption of e-Office in attached, subordinate offices and autonomous bodies on 24 June 2024.

The on-boarding roadmap and technical modalities were discussed in an inter-ministerial meeting chaired by Secretary DARPG, Shri V. Srinivas and attended by officials of all Ministries/ Departments and Senior Officers of 133 attached, Subordinate offices and Autonomous Bodies. The NIC team, led by Smt. Rachna Srivastava, Deputy Director General, NIC presented the procedural technicalities for the implementation of e-Office. It was decided that all Ministries/ Departments will coordinate with their Attached, Subordinate Offices, and Autonomous bodies, appoint nodal officers, establish data centres and submit requisitions to NIC on number of users/ licences for time-bound on-boarding of e-Office as part of the government’s 100 days agenda.


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