Drama Review | Bagha Neigala Daudi Asa | by Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee

Bagha Neigala Daudi Asa
Play: Bagha Neigala Daudi Asa (Odia) (Come running, the Tiger has taken away..)
Troupe: C-4
Writer, director : Dinesh Das
Duration: 70 minutes
First Performance: C-4 Theatre Festival, Mini Stadium, Dhenkanal, Odisha

Presented by C-4, directed by Das Dinesh and enacted by the children under 14, some just about 6-7, this play holds the attention of the audience by the raw energy, excellent composition and ‘bindas’ acting by the kids. It is a loose combination of three morality plays, stories of which are well known. But what enthralls the audience is the brilliant composition by the director and physical acting by the kids. The play moves at a taut pace, sprinkled with humour and good music.
The director could have done without the sermon at the beginning and end of the play about the cultural imperialism of the west and need to hold on to our own culture. Barring that short didactic sermon, it was an throughly enjoyable play.
Another interesting fact about the play is, many of the kids performing were inmates of a local orphanage. The director of the play Dinesh Das conducted a series of workshops and trained the kids for this performance.

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