Why are Double Door Fridges More Popular Today?


Buying any home appliance today is a big responsibility as your purchase will be part of your home for the better part of a decade, and maybe longer. A fridge requires equal or more attention as it is used by all members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest! So, when you are out to buy a fridge, you need to understand your requirements well to make the right choice.

These days double door refrigerators have overtaken single door models by a mile, and you may be wondering why and if you too should go in for one. While double door fridges are often priced higher than single door refrigerators, there are quite a few ways you can bring down the expense. For instance, choose a high energy rated model to lower the cost of high power bills as your fridge stays on all the time, even when you’re on vacation.

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A double door fridge is a popular choice with buyers today as it offers the following advantages.

  1. Storage capacity

A double door fridge has a large storage capacity with bigger shelves to fit larger vessels and taller in-door shelves to place bottles in. This space will ensure you don’t need to be taking away a watermelon’s nutrition by cutting it just to be able to store it and that preserving that extra biryani never means less space for other foods. A double door fridge will easily fit the needs of a family of three to five members as its capacities range from 235 litres to 495 litres. This allows you to fit all your food into one unit compared to the single door options.

2. Separate freezer

 A double door fridge is designed to house the freezer in a separate unit with its own door. This implies that a double door fridge always has a larger freezer area to store your frozen veggies, fruits, meats and sauces. As the freezer is used less often and comes behind a separate door, this section is generally left unopened for longer periods helping to maintain the low temperature and preserving your stored foods.

3. Better cooling

 The main purpose of a fridge is to cool the food and to maintain hygiene and nutrition of the food stored. The best double door fridge from brands such as Samsung, LG, and Hitachi are engineered to be perfect for this purpose.

In a double door fridge, the cooling is uniform and since you will open only the door that is required, be the freezer or the normal, the cooling behind the unopened door is undisturbed. This saves you from wasting power. Further, each section of the fridge is cooled to its requirement without having to compromise because of any adjoining areas.

4. Frost-free 

The best double door refrigerators come with frost free technology, which does not allow the frost or ice to build around the shelves and side walls inside the fridge. This saves you from the added work to shut off the fridge and defrost the device while finding other places to store food while the fridge is shut off. Then there is the issue of the melting ice, which covers the floor and needs to be mopped up.

 For your convenience, here are the most popular double door fridges to help you make an ideal choice.

  1.    LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door 3 Star Refrigerator GL-C292RPZY

This LG double door refrigerator comes in an elegant silver colour and will add to the look of your kitchen. Its features include the following.

  • 260-litre capacity, good for a household with up to 5 members
  • 3-star energy rating which helps to save up to 35% power
  • Frost-free thanks to the auto fridge defrost technology so there will be no more ice formation in your fridge
  • Designed to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy this LG features the Moist ‘n’ Fresh innovation and comes with a lattice-patterned box cover which keeps the contents fresh
  • The Smart Inverter Compressor makes the fridge energy-efficient and works silently
  • The Door Cooling features promises to cool the fridge fast, up to 35% faster than the conventional cooling system

 2. Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door 4-star Refrigerator RT28M3424S8/HL


Samsung is one of the market leaders when it comes to double door fridges, here is one of the latest models it offers.

  • 253-litre capacity, ideal for a family up to 5
  • 4-star rating which translates to an energy saving of up to 45%
  • Features the popular auto fridge defrost to ensure there is no ice built up
  • Built with the capability to work in a range of 100 – 300 volts there is no need for an external stabilizer
  • Samsung’s Power Cool and Power Freeze features, which provide rapid cooling at the click of a button
  • A movable ice maker lets you use the space as required
  • A unique door feature activates an alarm if the fridge door has been open for more than 2 minutes

3. Haier 256 L Frost Free Double Door Bottom Mount 3 start Convertible Refrigerator HEB-25TDS

This Haier double door refrigerator comes with the following standout features.


  • 256-litre capacity, should suffice for a family of 3 to 5 members
  • 3 Star energy rating offering up to 35% energy savings
  • Auto defrost to control ice build-up within the fridge
  • 8 different cooling modes so that you can use the freezer space as a fridge or vice-versa
  • Option of using the bottom mounted freezer as a vegetable box in case you use need more fridge space
  • Removable ice tray to hold larger bottles
  • Energy saving top LED light

You can also look for the latest Haier double door refrigerator, which offers a unique French door concept where the freezer is placed at the bottom and the fridge is placed over it. With plenty of choices to pick from, choosing the perfect double door fridge should be easy.

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