Don’t wash your hair on Tuesdays, and other winning ways for luck and prosperity

Rich is one of the best words to describe India’s heritage, as it is one that’s deeply imbued with a myriad of religious and superstitious beliefs that lead to luck and abundance. For many people, these beliefs are not limited to the food we eat or talismans we wear; there are also habits and routines that can form part of a lucky day—or a lucky streak, in the case of regular gamblers.

Grooming forms part of ‘lucky’ routine for gamblers

Superstition has long been an important part of everyone’s daily habits. Everyone has a routine that they follow as we pursue abundance and prosperity, regardless of one’s religion or cultural background. It shouldn’t be a surprise that players have their own set of winning ways for a lucky day.

Grooming forms part of this routine. According to “The Mammoth Book of Superstition,” some gamblers in the country believe washing hair on Thursdays, shaving on Tuesdays, or cutting nails on Tuesdays or Saturdays bring bad luck.

The pursuit of luck isn’t limited to grooming habits, as the team at SevenJackpots’ casino comparison site notes. In their report on how superstition and religion affect daily life in India, the analysts examined the rich heritage of icons, customs, and superstitions and why it’s important for anyone who’s actively pursuing luck and prosperity. Put simply, “fortune and abundance come to those who believe in them.”

“There is a sense of pride in being able to accommodate so many beliefs and customs, festivals, and cultural habits. A healthy desire to control one’s life path makes Indians pursue their own selection of mystic symbols and fortunate beliefs,” the SevenJackpots report explained. “It is not so much of a gaming competition as a conviction that luck and abundance should be actively and properly pursued. This mindset is likely to evolve but not change in its foundations, as desi customs, beliefs, and daily habits will continue to be guided by the pursuit of divine support and fortunate mysticism.”

Try these other winning ways for luck and prosperity

A popular ritual for everyone in the country is eating a spoonful of curd and sugar before leaving the house, especially if one is embarking on an important task like an interview or to take an exam. Curd actually keeps the body temperature cool and can help settle stomach discomfort in case of nerves or indigestion, while the sugar’s glucose can boost one’s energy as they leave the house.

For avid lottery players, best to buy a ticket when a pigeon or crow poops on you as luck is sure to come your way. Also take note when your eye twitches because money—or love—may be coming your way. Keep in mind though, the left eye is auspicious for females and the right eye for male.

Superstition is undeniable, and there’s no harm in following a routine, especially if it’s tried and tested, for a lucky day. However, it’s important to note that these things should be done in moderation. Greed, after all, is seen as an obstacle to one’s spiritual growth.

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