Documentary film on Padma Shri Nanda Prusty called Nanda Masternka Chatasali released

Bhubaneswar: Documentary film on Padma Shri Nanda Prusty called Nanda Masternka Chatasali released. The trailer launching event of much awaited documentary film “NANDA MASTER’NKA CHATASALI” was held successfully on 1st June 2022 at 8pm, Idcol Auditorium, Bhubaneswar.

Nanda Master’nka Chatasli is a 70 min documentary based on the life and struggle of 104 year old Free Education Icon, Padmashri Nanda Prusty from Odisha, who selflessly devotes his life, providing 70 years of free education to 3 generations of children of his village.

Nanda Kishore Prusty was a teacher of traditional hut school (chatasali) was from a remote  village named Kantira, in Sukinda block, jajpur district of Odisha who shot to fame after receiving Padmashri  Award from the President of India.

Along with the décor of the films posters and banners with graceful energy of Nanda Prusty, the trailer was showcased  on a big screen at the event infront of the packed audience. Simultaneously, the official trailer of the film was launched on OdiaOne, Odish’s premiere  youtube channel for streaming creative and good content in the presence of eminent personalities and media. The launch event was hosted by popular cinema host Guddi.

The film is produced by Dr. Abhay Pati who is a senior journalist and director of Glorious Senior Secondary School who is also the founder of Abhismita Films. The film is directed by internationally acclaimed film maker and photographer Pranab Kumar Aich, founder of Studiowaala Fims, winner of World Photography Award Cannes, 2009 . He has received from than 30 international recognitions for his documentaries on social issues like Citys Step Child and  I have Colored Dream.

The trailer launching event was graced by many wel known personalities like

Akash Das Nayak  ex- MLA, who is the chairperson of ‘Mo College Abhijaan’ and a well-known Odia Cinema Actor.

Naina Das who is a prominent actress in Odia as well as South Film Industry .  She is also the associate producer of this film.

Sudhansu Sekhar Mishra, Retd. Inspector General Director in Indo-Tibetan Boarder Police who also holds a Guinness World Record of rafting for Clean Ganga Mission.

Asmita Pati, advocate and president of Glorious Senior Secondary School, who is also the co-founder of Abhismita Films and the lead concept provider of this film.

Samaresh Routray , founder of OdiaOne youtube channel and S3 Movies Production and a well known actor of Odia Cinema Industry who extended his immense support and appreciation for the film.

The film will be send to international film festivals worldwide, based on the reviews and appreciation. The team aims to approach OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Voot, etc. spreading the cause for which Nanda sir lived all his life, through this film to the audience worldwide.

In the words of makers and guests:

Director (Pranab Aich): Been making documentaries on regular social issues. For last 5years I have been eyeing to create a good film in our Odia which tells the story of our culture and glory, when the producer took me to Nanda sirs village, I immediately said yes, We shot for an year esp. taking care of Nanda sirs sensitivities with the main vision of capturing his, free education work and his energy of a saint who lives with the family. He is the savior of our culture and tradition, an inspiration for everyone who loves giving, our future generations will learn from his simplicity which we have captured in the film.  We want the entire world to see his story and appeal the people of Odisha and India to watch and spread the trailer so much so that the gap of viewership between a documentary and a commercial fades away.

Producer (Dr. Abhay Pati): We wanted to do something for Padmashri Nanda Sir. The way he had dedicated his life selflessly for providing free education to his people for 4 generations, his story was worth sharing to the world, nothing can be a better gift than this. The documentary is made in odia, so that the pride of Odisha can be spread worldwide. We plan to release the film on OTT in other languages too.

Akash Das Nayak’s guest message: I can’t say how this movie will influence the odia film industry but I can tell for sure that this movie will be an inspiration for infinite amount of good work in the society. After watching the trailer, I am eagerly looking forward to the film and request the director Mr. Pranb Aich to release it asap. Nanda Sir is an ordinary man with an extra-ordinary life journey. And I am really thankful to the entire team for giving such a tribute to all the good work and Nanda Sir through this film. I hope this film goes to places and gets all the appreciation it deserves. This film is dedicated to all the teachers of the world.

Naina Das’s associate producer message: Nanda Sir’s ideology is so simple yet inspirational. He lead a simple life with only one desire of educating people around him for free. This is the most noble and selfless thing to be done. This touched our heart and led us to produce such a film that can be both a tribute towards Nanda Sir and an inspiration for the society.

Asmita Pati’s concept message: We want to venture into film production, we decided to film a real hero than an actor.

Sudhansu Sekhar Mishra’s  guest message: I heart fully thank the team of this film for making such a movie on a simple yet inspirational man who is a teacher who got recognized for his selfless work by receiving the respectable Padmashri award.

The event was successfully carried out with overwhelming response from media and  viewers at the auditorium which had people from all walks of life.

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