In the divine land of Puri, famous sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo created chariot made of sand

Puri: Famous Ratha Yatra of Jagganath Puri Dham is know all around the world. International sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo has made a chariot made of sand, on this occasion of Ratha Yatra. By making in sand the Taladhwaja, Debidalana, and Nandighosa chariot, the artist has prayed for the unending mercy of the Lord God and has begged the Lord for the world peace. The artist prays the blessings of the Lord for a world of peace and friendship and to rescue people from all over the world from the miseries and all sorts of evil which people face.

Those who could not see the Lord over the chariot in the crowded festival of Ratha Yatra, those people feel content and blessed by seeing the Lord and His chariot made of sand on the golden sea-beach of Puri, Odisha.

This sand art is of 15 feet in width and to make this, it took Mr. Sahoo nearly eight hours complete. “World Peace” is the message given by the artist in this sand art.


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