differentiating between flu and cold

The differences for the cold is that there is a sore throat in one which ends after a day or two which by

Chance doesn’t affect many body parts. lt is usually followed by running nose and coughing, with chance the affects adults with less fever or none to them but to children there is fever. For the few days too there will be extreme watery mucus flow which in turn might turn to heavy sticky mucus flow in both the adults and children, this is usually common. For the cold it has an approximate duration of a week and less days which in the period of the few days it lingers and shoots when the days hasten and later on stop. Cold is usually contagious in its first few days and can spread into any one you come into contact with in order to know the cold one would notice that it only affects the throat and nose alone. Cold viruses thrive at their best in the cold seasons especially the winder, reason being that the cold viruses thrive more at less humidity or temperatures and are often spread from one person to the other through contact, sneezes, it’s usually treatable with taking excessive fluids to avoid dehydration. There’s also extreme hygienic measure like, washing your hands or using sanitizer and avoiding nose or mouth contact especially when sneezing by covering by hand. It usually doesn’t take a higher number of days and if it does, that’s a total indication of a higher immune infection or disease.

For the flu, which in its full name is Influenza is a one of the severe and most strong illnesses, the symptoms and complications include severe headache, in this there is strong headaches which in turn might cause dizziness and weakened body this is due to the affect muscle pains which later on do end up being severe exhaustion or tiredness to the person. In its severe state, the flu might lead to pneumonia which in turn brings more complication to one’s body hence if not treated might lead to death. It is simply contagious with any person that comes close to the one affected there’s the higher possibility of getting it, or holding something held before by the sick person, they are seasonal and can affect in any time seasons thus thrive up most during the cold season. Flues are rated more strong and might last for almost two weeks and in the period be very mild compared to the cold, flu is usually treatable by taking a lot of fluids, and medicines usually using decongestants and pain relievers especially to the adults. There exists a vaccine for the influenza. For people with health conditions as asthma, the flu becomes so dangerous where as it weakness their immune systems also the diabetic and the ones that have heart conditions plus majorly children. Antiviral drugs usually lessen the flu effect on the body and make it end in rather less days. Eating of healthy meals vegetables included helps surpass the flu, clean surrounding and keeping a distance from any person infected or shows the symptoms.

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