Dhinkia residents fume against SP Jagatsinghpur, write to CJ Odisha High Court

Report by Kahnu Nanda, Jagatsinghpur: The anti-JSW residents of Dhinkia village expressing strong displeasures against Jagatsinghpur SP Akheleshvar Singh and his police squad have written a letter to Chief Justice [CJ] Odisha high court seeking intervention on Wednesday.
The villager’s allegation described as the district police head Singh accompanying his cops are indulging police excess in the village past one month, arresting few residents instituting made-up cases, lodging false cases against villagers recognizing as Anti JSW category. The village has been surrounded by about 20 platoons police forces, the cops are camping in local cyclone shelters and village outskirts.
The police have been terrorizing residents when they have been disallowed to hand over their land to propose JSW integrated steel plant and setting up its ancillary projects in their area.
Moreover, the years-old pending anti-Posco agitation cases against the villagers are revitalizing by police so we feel fear to go outside the village anticipating cops action and arrest, as consequence about one thousand villagers signing a letter has dispatched CJ Odisha High court, sought action against the SP and other police personnel, the letter revealed.


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