Dhauli-Kalinga Mahotsav Enthrals With A Mixed Flavour Of Odissi And Martial Dance


Bhubaneswar : The second day of the 16th Dhauli-Kalinga Mahotsav witnessed an evening showcasing a beautiful blend of Odissi and martial dance which regaled a large audience gathered at the foothill of Dhauli.

The first act was Shanti Mantra, permeate the Gospel of Pease through dance by the artistes of Orissa Dance Academy. The concept of the dance has been created by Guru Aruna Mohanty and dance directed by Guru Ramesh Chandra Jena assisted by Guru Pabitra Kumar Pradhan, Shri Prashanta Behera and Shri Rudra Prasad Swain.

The second item was Odissi performance choreographed by Odissi dancer Sharmila Biswas with her group of Odissi Vision and Movement Centre, Kolkata. Their first presentation was Abahani, invoke and invite the Divine within ourselves for an auspicious beginning of performance. It was inspired by the traditional Ranga Puja, prescribed in Natyashatra Abahani is followed by Ganeshavandana followed by Kalashree set in Kalashree Rag, the essence of creativity. Their last item was Maya Manav an eternal journey to unravel the mystery of Maya, the illusion. All the items are choreographed by Guru Sharmila Biswas.

The evening concluded with martial dance Kalaripayatu performed by Ranjan Mullaratt founder of Kalari Academy of Performing Arts, Bangalore. Kalarippayattu is the age-old physical cum-martial art of Kerala. The main elements in this art form is physical culture, armed and unarmed combat, breath control, higher forms of meditation and specific classes of treatments.

The dignitaries who graced the occasion were Subroto Bagchi, Chairman, Odisha Skill Development Authority; Smt. Susmita Bagchi, Chairman Mo School; Shri Manoranjan Panigrahy, Principal Secretary, Odia Language, Literature and Culture; Air Marshal A. S. Bhonsle, Member UPSC; Guru Aruna Mohanty, Secretary, Orissa Dance Academy. The programme was compered by Dr. Mrutunjaya Rath and Itishree Devi.