Develop Amrit Sarovar as Desh Bhakti Kendra- CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

New Delhi: Chief Minister  Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the review on implementation of public welfare schemes should be conducted regularly. The minister in charge should be apprised about the progress of works in the review meeting every month. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the Amrit Sarovars being built in the year ”Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” should be made a place of inspiration for patriotism. The work of creating an environment of social harmony should be done by the administration in the districts. There should be communication with all classes. There should be no incidents of caste hatred and religious conversion. Criminal elements should be strictly controlled. Incidents of illegal liquor sale, gambling, betting, theft and other crimes should be checked at any cost. Realize the possibilities of development through public participation.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was reviewing the schemes run in Mandsaur and Jhabua districts through video conferencing from his residence on Tuesday morning. Shri Chouhan congratulated Collector Mandsaur for good progress under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in the district and Jhabua Collector for the special efforts made in the field of Amrit Sarovar construction, literacy and education, improvement in sex ratio and women’s health in the district.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan reviewed the status of drinking water arrangements in Mandsaur district and inquired about the operation of drinking water projects. Collector Mandsaur said that the drinking water situation is satisfactory and there is no serious crisis anywhere. Restriction on digging of new bores is in full swing. Work on 192 projects is in progress in the district.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that tap-water schemes should be reviewed where they are not doing well and operated smoothly. Tap-water schemes should prove better for the future. The money being spent in the schemes is public money and should be used properly. The officials should sit and discuss with the public representatives, so that better plans can be made for the future. Referring to the Jalabhishek campaign, the Chief Minister said that public cooperation must be sought in this campaign. People should be educated for water conservation. Otherwise, we will have to face increased water crisis in future.

Referring to the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Rural, the Chief Minister directed to provide benefits of the scheme to all the eligible beneficiaries. The Collector informed that in the first phase of the scheme, 39 thousand houses were approved in the district, the construction of which has been completed. A total of 98 percent of the target has been achieved. Progress in urban areas is low and only 56 per cent of the houses have been completed. The Chief Minister said that the works of the scheme should be completed expeditiously in the urban areas. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that ineligible people should not be added in the list of beneficiaries of the scheme. If some ineligible people have been added, action should be taken against them. The Chief Minister congratulated the Collector for the good progress of the scheme in the rural areas. He said that Mandsaur district can be made ideal. It was informed in the meeting that the first installment of the sanctioned amount has been released to the beneficiaries in Awas Plus in the district. The Chief Minister told to make a list of genuine beneficiaries in the scheme. Also attempts must be made to ensure that raw material is made available simultaneously for those whose houses are being built. In this direction Mandsaur should be made a model district.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan instructed to make ‘Anna Utsav’ on 7th of every month for distribution of ration. He also congratulated Mandsaur for better arrangement in distribution of food grains. Regarding the Amrit Sarovar Yojana, the Chief Minister said that the Sarovar should be made in such a way that it also becomes a place of inspiration for the village. Flag hoisting should be organized here on August 15 and 26th January. Let us make such an effort that the Amrit Sarovar built in the district should become a model. People should also be involved in the construction of Amrit Sarovar. The Chief Minister said that unless the mind of the public is not involved in any scheme or public work, the expected success is not achieved. Even industrialists can be involved in the work of making Amrit Sarovar. In the “Ek Zila– Ek Utpad” scheme, it was told that garlic has been selected in Mandsaur district. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that we have this opportunity to export garlic in the country and abroad. Best efforts must be made to market it. Efforts must be made to ensure that the garlic brand of Mandsaur becomes famous. Garlic processing should be promoted through modern method.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also gave instructions regarding the celebration of Pride Day. He said that the Pride Day was celebrated in Datia while taking out Rath Yatra of Maa Pitambara Mai. It is possible to organize programmes in Mandsaur on this pattern. We can also celebrate it on a large scale by connecting it to Lord Pashupatinath. Along with this, it can also be linked to the history and pride of the local area. The Collector informed that Pride Day programmes have been completed in 4 urban bodies of the district.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that a campaign to enrich the Anganwadis of the state has begun. No child was found to be underweight in his home village Jait in district Sehore. The people of the village have worked unitedly in this field. I am going out to collect the goods for the Anganwadis to ensure that there is no condition of malnutrition, all the children remain healthy. Public representatives should also take up the cause as it is also their responsibility. Those who are rich can give food grains, toys or other items to the Anganwadi centres.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also reviewed the law and order situation. He said that no liberty should be given to any kind of criminal elements. I have issued clear instructions that such elements should be strictly curbed. All should live in harmony and peace. Issues like atrocities on daughters or sisters, love jihad, conversion, animal trafficking must be taken seriously. It was informed in the meeting that 150 acres of land worth Rs 303 crore has been freed from the land mafia in the district.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the sex ratio in Mandsaur district is 1021 girls per 1000 boys. This is a great achievement. This should be celebrated as a festival. I myself will alsoattend this festival. The Chief Minister said that the beneficiaries of the schemes should be considered a family and told that this is an important scheme of the government. The welfare of the general public is of utmost importance. The Chief Minister said that the only goal of my life is the welfare of the people.

Review of Jhabua district

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan sought information from Collector Jhabua about the schemes and innovations being implemented in the district. The Collector informed that Akshar Gyan Abhiyan has been started in the district. In the first phase 14 thousand people and in the second phase 85 thousand people have been connected. In this innovation people of tribal area are being educated. This will enable them to take better advantage of the schemes. The Chief Minister directed to give a detailed report of this innovation. The Chief Minister lauded the innovations of Jhabua Collector.

The Chief Minister said that 4 engineers each should be trained from each village, so that they can get employment in the village itself. The Chief Minister also sought information about the progress of the scheme of ‘Ration Aapke Gram’. The Collector informed that ration is being transported by vehicles to the villages of the district. The places have been selected after consultation to deliver ration to the villagers. The time has also been fixed, so there is no problem in getting the ration. The Chief Minister directed to strengthen the arrangements of the district hospital. The Collector informed that a survey of 1 lakh 68 thousand persons has been conducted under the Sickle Cell control campaign. Sanjeevani Health Camps were started, in which 45 thousand went under treatment. Collector Jhabua informed about the public cooperation being received in the works of construction of Amrit Sarovar in the district.

Finance and Commercial Minister Shri Jagdish Deora, New and Renewable Energy Minister Shri Hardeep Singh Dang, Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion Minister Shri Rajvardhan Singh Dattigaon, MLA Shri Yashpal Singh Sisodia and Shri Devilal were also present virtually.

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