Details of additions made in the National Power Grid since 2014

New Delhi : The status of national grid, consisting of inter-State and intra-State transmission systems of 220 kV and above voltage, as on 01.04.2014, was as given below:

  • 2,91,336 Ckm of transmission lines
  • 5,30,546 MVA of transformation capacity
  • Inter-regional capacity of 35,950 MW

Transmission capacity addition during the last 7 years is as under:

  Capacity Addition during the last 7 years % addition in comparison to  capacity as on 01.04.2014
Transmission line (ckm) 1,59,216 54.65
Transformation capacity (MVA) 5,40,960 101.96
Inter-regional Capacity (MW) 76,300 212.24


As a result, as on 31st October 2021, the status of national grid is as given below:

  • Transmission line (ckm)                      :           4,50,552
  • Transformation capacity (MVA)        :           10,71,506
  • Inter-regional capacity (MW)             :             1,12,250

Today, the country has one of the largest synchronous grids in the world and we have achieved One Nation-One Grid-One Frequency.

The above transmission network expansion facilitated seamless transfer of power from power surplus regions to power deficit regions and thus optimizing the use of generation resources as well as meeting the demands of end consumers without any transmission constraints. It has also assisted growth of renewable energy based capacity.

In the next 3 years, it is targeted to add about 17,500 Ckm of Transmission Lines per year and 80,000 MVA of Transformation Capacity per year.

This information was given by Union Minister for Power and New and Renewable Energy,  R.K.Singh in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.


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