Department of Youth Affairs organises an interaction session titled ‘Yuva Samvad: India @2047’ under the year long Yuva Samvad series initiated last month

New Delhi : An interaction session titled “YuvaSamvad: India@2047” was organized by the Department of Youth Affairs under the Chairship of Secretary (Youth Affairs) with the youth delegates who have been sent abroad to various countries as a part of Indian Youth Delegation to participate in various International Youth Exchange Programmes organized by the Department of Youth Affairs. The interaction session was organized on 13th September 2022 at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi which was also attended by other senior officers of the Ministry and the representatives of UNICEF, UNDP and UNV.

The event was a part of the series of Yuva Samvad initiated on 12th August, 2022 which was inaugurated by the Union Minister for Youth Affairs & Sports Shri Anurag Singh Thakur at Akashwani Bhawan, New Delhi.

Secretary Youth Affairs, Shri Sanjay Kumar welcomed the delegates who travelled from various parts of the country to participate in the session and informed the delegates that, since 2014, around 2000 youth from India have been sent abroad and similar number of foreign youth have been received in India under International Youth Exchange Programmes (IYEPs) and various other prestigious bilateral summits viz. BRICS, Y20, IBSA, World Youth Forums etc. Secretary Youth Affairs also sought views from the youth participants on how to have a long-lasting engagement with the Indian Youth delegates sent abroad and also the foreign youth delegates who visited India under various IYEPs.

Director (IC) gave a presentation, briefing the youth participants about the G20, G20 Presidency of India in 2023 and the Youth 20 Summit that has to be organized by Department of Youth Affairs during India’s G20 Presidency. UNICEF and UNDP also gave presentations on Draft Youth Policy and Youth Volunteerism in India respectively.

During the Interaction session discussions were held on India’s upcoming G20 presidency with specific reference to Youth 20 (Engagement Group under the ambit of G20). Department of Youth Affairs has been entrusted with the responsibility to organize Y20 Summit during India’s G20 presidency.

Many relevant and useful suggestions were received from the enthusiastic youth participants during the interactive session titled “YuvaSamvad: India@2047”. Delegates expressed willingness to volunteer on various aspects of Youth 20 Summit to be organized by this Department next year.

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