Department of Telecommunications warns people against fraud in the name of installation of Mobile Towers

New Delhi : It has come to the notice of Department of Telecommunications (DoT) that some unscrupulous companies/ agencies/ individuals cheat general public and collect money by promising them hefty monthly rental etc. in the name of
installation of Mobile Towers.
In this regard the public at large is hereby informed that:-
1. DoT/ TRAI is not directly or indirectly involved in leasing/renting the
premises for installation of mobile towers.
2. DoT/ TRAI or its officers do not issue any “No Objection Certificate” for
the installation of mobile towers.
3. The updated list of Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) and Infrastructure
Providers (IP-1), authorized to install mobile towers, is available on DoT
website i.e. and
4. Public is hereby cautioned to be extra careful and verify the credentials of
the company, in case any company/agency/individual asks for money for
installation of mobile tower. The association of TSPs and IP-1s have
confirmed that their members do not ask any money for installation
of Mobile Towers.
5. If any person comes across any such fraudulent activity, then he/ she
may report the incident to local police authorities.
6. In addition, the local field units of DoT may also be contacted whose
contact details are available on DoT website at

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