Day 3 at New India seminar in Bhubaneswar focuses on Skill India

Bhubaneswar: Importance of Skill India in strengthening Indian economy remained the focus of the Talk show organised today by Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) at the Exhibition-cum-Seminar on “New India-We Resolve to Make” at the Institute of Physics, Bhubhaneswar.

Dr. Anil Kumar Swain, HOD, PG Dept of Commerce, Utkal University, Mr Shyama Charan Padhy, Head Training and Placement (DDU-GKY) and ORMAS, Mr Ashok Dash, Skill Development Mission Head shared the dais to deliver talk on the Poverty Free India on the 3rd Day of exhibition-cum-Seminar organised by Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs in association with MCL and the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity.

The talk focused on poverty, skill development, livelihood and employment generation. Poverty can be eradicated through the skill which leads to the livelihood and livelihood will generate employment opportunity. Everything we need is strong determination, capability and proper usage of skill, said Dr Swain while addressing the students.

Dr. Swain further added, ‘How to balance health, wealth and wisdom. Development of the country is possible when there is a change in disciplines, wisdom, moral and immoral changes in human mind. Change is not possible overnight, its a steady process. We need patience and unity’.

Mr. Padhy said “youth are the potential weapon of the country. Strong determination is much needed to achieve the dream. So, always use the mind in the right direction. They should know their capability how they do, what they do.

Narrating the importance of skills for today’s generation, Mr. Padhy said “we have only 8% of skilled people in our country who have got formal education.”

Mr. Dash, in his speech, said “Skill is happiness. Skill can make your identification and it will give you recognition. Take time to identify your skills which leads to the source of income.”

Students from various technical and management institutes visited the exhibition on pre-independence history of India and they were excited to learn the historical events.
After visiting the exhibition, Master Ahwan Sahu, Class-9, Capital High School said that ‘Information which has been given through this photo exhibition depicting historical movements of India is really inspiring and informative.

Today’s evening concluded with mesmerizing Gotipua and Sambalpuri dance by Dayal welfare organisation, Balasore.

It may be noted here that, the exhibition cum seminar will continue till 13th September everyday with talk shows like To Make the country free of poverty, to make the country free of communalism and to make the country free of corruption and cultural programme by Song & Drama Division, Bhubaneswar (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) in the afternoon 1600 hrs to 19.30 hrs.

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