Cyclists, families and travelers from Pune join Ekamra Walks Old Town Circuit


Bhubaneswar: Families on Holi-holiday, cyclists from Millennium City of Cuttack, communication expert from New York, IT professionals, travelers and cultural explorers from Maharashtra, bankers and teacher explored the beautiful temple art of Kalingan era, Odissi dance recital representing the graceful statues on temple walls _in live format _and rare beneficial plants at the heritage medicinal plant garden on the banks of Bindusagar.
Marketing professional Subrat Mohanty came with his accounts expert wife Devjani Sahani, IT professional Alpa Sarkar came with banker hubby Avik Raha, IT professional Santanu Pal came with his teacher wife Amrita Padhi and it made a great team of families uniting to explore the heritage sites in the City of Temples.

Noted Odissi dancer Ileana Citaristi greeted the walkers towards the penultimate stage of the heritage tour at her dance institute Art Vision and described the Odissi dance form as the beautiful movements in action following the temple art, postures and `mudras’ of the divine and graceful ladies. She also described how, after the Muslim invasion the female dancers were threatened and the `Gotipua’ tradition was created involving young boys at a point of time to make the dance form survive from extinction. Students of Art Vision presented two different acts of Odissi and mesmerized the heritage walkers.
Subrat and Devjani said “we are indeed fortunate to be part of the walkers today as the time was well spent and many things were added to our knowledge database. Our little daughter Saanvi also enjoyed the walked.’’
Communication expert from New York Nilisha Mohapatra, who came from Cuttack, said “I am happy that so many people are joining the heritage walk and exploring the heritage and cultural traditions of the city, which has one of the most densely placed temple population in India.’’
Piyush Agarwal and Brajraj Agarwal, both from Cuttack came on their cycles covering the entire distance as they have learnt so much on Ekamra Walks from their friends and social media. Part of a small group of enthusiasts Cuttack Cyclists, both travel to different destinations nearby the Twin Cities and explore the places and meet with new friends. While Piyush is an entrepreneur, Brajraj is a student at Ravenshaw University.
Goa based chef Rachit Kirtiman came calling on Ekamra Walks with his friends from Cuttack. After graduating from the hospitality academy at Manipal by ITC, he joined as a Sous Chef at a Taj Group of hotel in Goa and later managed an independent restaurant named AJ’s in Goa. “Currently I am chilling at my home and the holidays of Holi are providing a great opportunity to be with friends. Exploring the monuments was a special experience for me,’’ he said.
Though Apla is from city, her husband Avik is yet to explore the entire Old Town area. “After the walk we want to go inside Lingaraj Temple as after our marriage we are yet to get the blessings of the Lord,’’ she added.
Travelers and cultural explorers from Pune of Travel Instead, Rohan Sadadekar and Sharayu Ghodekar were very happy to join and explore the monuments in Old Bhubaneswar area. They were also very happy to know that Odisha and Maharashtra are having a sister state relation under Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat and there are cultural exchanges between the two states.
Towards the end of the day’s event the medicinal plants at Ekamra Van also provided a brief insight on the unique concept and how there are plants to fulfill the needs of all types of ailments without any side effects.