Cycling under the Stars: Season-3 successfully conducted by Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club (BCAC)

Bhubaneswar: In the summers of Odisha, when the coastal temperature is soaring high at around 38-40 degree C, there is nothing more enjoyable than cycling in the night under the dark sky and relatively cool weather. Every year, since 2016, Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club (BCAC) is offering this unique experience of a whole night ride under the stars for cycling enthusiasts of Odisha. It’s an open event organized by BCAC, where every cyclist is welcome with his bicycle. “Cycling under the Stars” is aimed at providing a unique experience to the cyclists, who cover the Golden Triangle of Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark under the complete darkness of the night under the glitter of the stars on some of the most pristine roads of Odisha.
This year BCAC organized the 3rd edition of Cycling under the Stars with more than 70 cyclists from different parts of Odisha. It was meticulously planned on 12th of May on Vaisakha, Krishna Dwadashi, where the riders enjoyed a complete dark night literally under the stars while covering the Golden Triangle. The strong headwind on the way to Puri with pin-drop silence of Puri-Konark Marine Drive was a spine-chilling night adventure. Cycles with blinking tail-lamps offered an illusion of stars on the roads. Cyclists dressed in Neon-Green Jerseys and reflective straps with lights on the front and tail end of their bikes offers a spectacular show to the public while passing through the busy roads. It was a magnificent show for the onlookers who get a privilege to watch different types of cycles, roadies, fat-bikes, MTBs and Hybrids with sparkling helmets. The riders reached back at Bhubaneswar around 9AM in the morning enjoying the roads through villages, hamlets, sea-beach and marshy lands of the marine-drive.
This year’s adventure was quite unique as 70 cyclists moved through the busy city roads of Bhubaneswar, while riding through strong headwinds till Puri, offering customary prayer at Bada-Danda (Grand Road) in front of Shri Jagannath Temple, savouring a delicious dinner at Wildgrass, moving on the utter silence zone of Puri-Konark Marine Drive, taking power naps on the beach of Chandrabhaga and experiencing a thundershower in the wee-hours of the morning. The route of 180KMs was planned and organized meticulously to offer different formats of adventure to the cyclists, which has become a life-time experience many.
Sharing his views, Senior IPS, Shri Sanjeeb Panda, the President of BCAC and an avid cycling enthusiast expressed, “BCAC always plans to offer some different experience through this night cycling under the stars program. This year, we have planned this ride on a Krishna Pakshya Dwadashi to offer a complete feel of darkness to our riders. We have suggested measures for safe riding and it’s a matter of immense pleasure that we successfully completed this ride without any unpleasant incidents or casualties or mishaps. I am sure all cyclists have enjoyed this whole night adventure in a unique way while riding with us.”
Mr. Sanjay Jindal, a cyclist from Paradeep shared his experience, “It was so meticulously planned and executed! We have experienced a unique feel of brotherhood, support and friendliness from BCAC members. Wildgrass was delicious, Power-nap on Chandrabhaga beach was a unique experience and finally God added to the joy by gifting us rain. I would like to express a big thanks to the organizers.”
The events of BCAC are usually planned to offer some unique adventure to the cyclists, while stretching their limits to overcome the mind-barriers. BCAC also tries to connect with maximum people through its rides spreading an awareness about eco-friendly and healthy habit of cycling. Through such long rides BCAC tries to share that you can always challenge your limits and overcome it, if you have a strong will and determination.


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