CUO organises Interdisciplinary International Conference on History of Development in India: Reflections on Economic & Communication Scenario in the 75th Year of Independence

The two days international conference on the topic “History of Development in India: Reflections on Economic & Communication Scenario in the 75th Year of Independence” was organized by the joint efforts of the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication and the Department of Economics of Central University of Odisha began today on 28 March 2023. The inaugural session was held at Sunabeda Campus in a blended mode, inaugurated by Prof. Chakradhar Tripathi, Vice Chancellor of the University. The other dignitaries included Shri Prabhu Chawla, eminent journalist and Executive Editor, of the New Indian Express Group, Prof. Prakash Chandra Patnaik, Professor, Rajiv Gandhi Chair for Tribal Studies, Central University of Odisha. Also present on the dais were conveners of the Conference Dr. Minati Sahoo, Head I/c, Dept. of Economics and Dr.Sourav Gupta, Head I/c, Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication.
In his inaugural address, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Tripathi stressed the need for interdisciplinary studies in all aspects which is the call of the National Education Policy 2020. He urged the students to focus on the Indian Education system instead of the Western education system which is imposed upon us. He also focused on the importance of Indian culture and how the west is affecting our culture. He talked about the importance of Dharma, Karma, Artha and Moksha and lamented that the western world only focused on Kama and Artha leaving behind Dharma and Moksha. Dharma does not mean religion, but the good practices of our life. Indian development can be possible if economics and communication are studied together, he said. Indian development can also be possible if we practice Indianness in our activities, instead of following the West.
Eminent Journalist Shri Prabhu Chawla, also a Padma Bhushan Awardee, in his keynote address focused upon the role of journalism in society. From the freedom struggle to the present time, he said that the journey is not smooth. After much struggle, Indian journalism reached this stage. He also talked about the status of media and technological innovation. He said that media had rightfully adapted the technology and innovation which became helpful in developing media, whether print, electronic, or digital. Media, as the fourth pillar of democracy, is not such a strong pillar now. To make it strong, journalism should always speak the truth always, he said. He also focused that journalism should take a side so that the truth should prevail. People lose hope in the media as they see television programmes. But television is not media, it is a smaller part of it. So we should keep faith on media, particularly the Print media, he stressed. In the era of globalization where media is a package or a product, we should be truthful to the people, not to the market-driven goals, he said.
Prof. Prakash Patnaik, Director, Rajiv Gandhi Chair for Tribal Studies, Central University of Odisha, Chairing the International Conference focused on the need for multidisciplinary teaching and research. By following it we can fulfill the needs of the students as well as fulfill the NEP Goals 2020. Dr.Sourav Gupta, Head, I/c, Department of J&MC and the Convenor of the International Conference gave the welcome note and Dr. Minati Sahoo, Head, I/c, Department of Economics, and also the Convenor of the International Conference delivered the Vote of Thanks. On the occasion, a book titled “Development Communication: The Grassroots Reality” was released by the dignitaries. The book is written jointly by Prof. P. Bobby Vardhan of Andhra University and Dr. Sourav Gupta of CUO.
Also present were Prof. Sudhendu Mondal, Advisor, Academic and Administration of CUO, Prof. N.C Panda, Deans School of Languages and Dr. Phagunath Bhoi, PRO, CUO. The meeting was also attended by eminent dignitaries, Faculty members, research scholars and students of the University in a blended mode.
The meeting was followed by two plenary sessions where eminent dignitaries from India and abroad and delivered the lectures this included Prof.Prashant Panda, Prof.& Head, Dept. of Economics, Pondicherry University, Faisal Karimi, an eminent journalist from Afghanistan and scholar, St. Jose State University, USA, Dr. Pradeep Panda, Economic Sector Lead, SDG, Planning & Convergence Department, Govt. of Odisha, Prof. Tapas Mishra, Professor & Head of Banking & Finance, Southampton University, UK, Prof. Mohd. Sahidullah, Professor, Dept. of Mass Communication, Chittagong University, Bangladesh. The Sessions were chaired by Prof. Prakash Ch. Patnaik, Director, Rajiv Gandhi Chair for Tribal Studies, CUO and Prof. N.C. Panda, Dean, School of Languages, CUO. The Sessions were coordinated by Dr. Sourav Gupta and Dr. Minati Sahoo, Conveners of the International Conference. The Session ended with technical parallel sessions from Economics as well as Journalism & Mass Communication.

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