CTEF-Innovex- organized Founders Interaction with Investors

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar Startups, in collaboration with CTEF-Innovex- an Incubation centre of CIPET and Foundership organized Founders Interaction with Investors. The objective of the Event was to providevaluable insights on venture capital investing to startups based out of Odisha.
Ashish Fafadia, Managing Partner at Blume Ventures Fund, shared his expertise and experience in venture funding. Emphasizing on the criteria that VCs look for while funding a startup, Mr Fafadia explained that VCs prefer startups with unique and innovative business models which have the potential to scale up and capture a significant market share. The experience and track record of the team, along with their ability to execute the business plan, are also crucial factors that VCs consider before investing in a startup.
The event was a great opportunity for the startups based out of Odisha to interact with an industry expert and gain valuable insights. Mr.Fafadia answered doubts raised by the entrepreneurs and gave them solid advice. The startups received guidance on how to approach VCs, pitch their business ideas, and prepare for due diligence.
The event witnessed a tremendous turnout, with over 82 startups participating in the program. The start-ups appreciated the efforts of Bhubaneswar Start-ups, CTEF Innovex, and Foundership for organizing such an informative event. They left the event feeling more confident and well-prepared to take their businesses to the next level with the help of venture capital.
The success of the event highlights the growing interest among entrepreneurs in Odisha to explore the potential of venture capital in scaling up their businesses. It also emphasizes the need for more such events that can help connect start-ups with investors and provide them with the necessary guidance and support to succeed in their entrepreneurial journeys.
Blume Ventures is an equity venture fund that invests in early-stage startups across different sectors. It has invested in several successful startups such as exotel, Webengage, and Greyorange. The fund’s presence at the event adds more credibility and value to the startups that participated, as they can potentially attract the interest of Blume Ventures and other investors in the future.
Mr Sakyasingha Mohapatra, Founder of Sak Robotix and one of the founders of Bhubaneswar Start-up managed the meet. Bhubaneswar Start-up is an open community for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurssince 2012 &has been instrumental in creating the Startup Eco-system in our State Odisha.

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