CSD. Odisha appraised Rajya Sabha Assurance Committee on Various Tribals Rights Issues in the State

Bhubaneswar: Members of Campaign for Survival and Dignity(CSD), Odisha met and apprised Mr. Husain Dalwai, Member of Rajya Sabha Assurances Committee on 27th August, 2017 at hotel Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneswar. The Rajya Sabha Assurances Committees headed by Shri Subrat Kumar Mishra is on three days visit to Odisha to review assurance given by the Central Govt. in Rajya Sabha. Besides, The Committee is going to meet Chief Secretary; Govt. of Odisha today on the performance of coal based Public Sector Undertakings in the State including their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.
Members of CSD, Odisha shared that they have appraised Mr. Husain on the violations and non-implementations of tribal protective laws i.e. Forest Rights Act, 2006, PESA, 1996, SCST Atrocity Act, 1996 duly amended on 2016 and LARR Act, 2013 by both the Central and State Government. Also appraised the committee member on the anti-tribal laws i.e., Odisha Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Rules, 2015 and programmes i.e., Ama Jungle Yojna(AJY), “Banayana” lunched by Govt. of Odisha. CSD members reported to have been submitted three separate memorandum before the committee i.e., on over all FRA implementation issues in the State, on CAMPA fund Rules and against 28th March 2017 illegal National Tiger Conservation Authority(NTCA) letter restricting FRA implementation in tiger reserves in the country.
Besides, they have also appraised Mr. Dalwai on issues linked to land acquisition using Coal Bearing (Acquisition and Development) Act, 1957 in which “consent of the affected people” brought under LARR Act, 2013 is not applied. They have also shared to have raised diversion of tribal fund allocated under Tribal Sub-Plan by the Central Govt.

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