COVID 19 Quarantine Led to Significant Increase in Search for Online Games


A global pandemic, COVID 19 has remained a hot topic of 2020. This pandemic has created uncertainty around the world, which further led to mandatory lockdown in many countries, including India. The government of India took this essential step in order to combat the spread of coronavirus. Due to this shutdown across the country, everyone stayed confined to their homes, and the offices and colleges remain closed. While this quarantine period was incorporated to keep the citizens safe, it also brought boredom along. To combat boredom and keep themselves engaged, most people turned their ways towards online games. While this pandemic decreased the overall revenue of many industries, the online gaming industry remains the blooming one.

Also, when the quarantine period enforced everyone to stay at home, like offices and schools, land-based casinos also remained empty. Since the punters could not visit the casinos, they started utilizing their time to enjoy their favorite casino games at online platforms. Coronavirus has affected the land-based casino industry in the worst way, but it brought a huge wave of prosperity in the online casino industry. The experienced gamblers as well as new players are showing more interest in online games for money.  The players are finding online gambling a great way to increase their bank balance while having fun from the comfort of their homes.

Which Online Casino Games are on Fire During Quarantine?

The online casino industry is witnessing an overall growth, but there are a few games that are becoming popular among the players and online poker is one of them. There has been a massive growth of 43% in the daily active users of online poker. With the significant growth in the industry, online poker has emerged as a potential player for many online casino operators. Numerous web-based casino platforms with poker products are seeing a significant increase, and even some operators have double the number of players.

There could be two possible contributing factors in the popularity of online poker, first, people are free and looking for some action, and second, they are no more able to place bets on sports.

Poker already has a huge fanbase, but with a lot of time at hand, the players are inclined more towards it. While land-based casinos are closed, online gambling is becoming a new normal, and most online poker sites are reaping the benefits from it.

Many pioneering poker sites like Poker Dangal offer an impressive experience to the players with the incorporation of special elements from brick-and-mortar casinos to bring authenticity. The players can see live video streams hosted by live dealers, and enjoy interacting through live chat options. The cherry on the top is that most cutting-edge poker sites support mobile gaming, which offers a personalized experience to the players to make them a regular customer.

Is Lockdown The Real Reason Behind The Surge in Online Gambling?

Most probably, Yes! With everyone trapped inside their homes looking for ways to kill time, they are sitting online the entire day and using the internet in different ways. Therefore, people looking to spice up this boring period are turning to online casinos, where they have the opportunity to bag real money while playing that too without stepping out of their house.

Many gamblers are playing online casino games out of habit. While others may do it to avoid family conflicts or engage themselves in something in alone time.

No matter what the reason is, it is important to play responsibly, to avoid becoming an addict. Gambling addiction can do more bad than good, and therefore it needs to be controlled in time.

How to Prevent Getting addicted to Online Gambling?

In order to reduce the risk of gambling addiction, the players need to adopt a responsible approach. With a lot of time and various opportunities to play favorite casinos, gambling fun can easily transit to stress, before the player realizes it. Therefore, to keep the addiction at bay, the players need to set some limitations on their bet size and on the frequency of placing bets. Many online gambling websites have also incorporated responsible gambling as a feature to alert the players. The players who gamble more frequently and wager higher amounts on the game must be treated carefully. If the players have started showing the signs of addiction, they should immediately seek support.