Counting of votes for 542 Lok Sabha constituencies, four State Assemblies of #Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh to begin from 8 am today

Bhubaneswar: Counting of votes for 542 Lok Sabha constituencies and four State Assemblies of #Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh will begin from 8 am today amid tight security.

The Odisha Police has made three-tier security arrangements for 63 counting centres across the state for smooth counting of votes tomorrow (Thursday).

According to a press note by the Odisha Police State Headquarters in Cuttack, three-tier security have been put in place to thwart any kind of untoward situation during the counting of votes.

Here is the security arrangement made by Odisha Police:

The 1st tier is exclusively manned by 36 COYs of CAPF.
The 2nd tier is manned by SAP 250 platoons.
The 3rd tier is manned by District police and home guards.

Additional CCTV Cameras have been fitted in consultation with DEO and police personnel have been deployed round the clock to monitor CCTV.
One control room adjacent to the strong room has been made operational round the clock with VHF Set and operators in three shifts.
A Deputy Supdt. of Police along with a police officer has been put on duty round the clock for monitoring the security arrangements of the strong room.
Extra force from district police has been put on duty for round the clock at the outer periphery of the Strong Room.
Video cameras with operators have been placed at the entry and exit points to record all kinds of visits into the Strong Room premises.
Sharp vigil on the movement of unknown persons at the surrounding of the Strong Room has been maintained.
SPs are paying a regular visit to the Strong Room in order to check the alertness of the police personnel deployed.
For Counting Centres:

Experienced Police officers and men including women officers and men have been deployed at the entry point of the Counting Centres for anti-sabotage checking with required DFMD, HHMD and other security gadgets.
Only the persons authorised by the CEO/DEO/RO will be allowed entry into the Counting Centre with verification of Identity.
Each and every person will be properly frisked physically as well as with electronic devices at the entry point.
Separate enclosure will be arranged for frisking of women at the entry point and experienced women police personnel will be deployed for frisking.
Mobile phone will not be allowed inside the counting centre. Only persons authorised by the D.E.O. will be permitted to carry mobile phone.
Matchbox, Lighter, Cigarette, tobacco items will not be allowed inside the Counting Centre.
Hidden camera materials such as Spy Pen, Goggles, button camera, smartwatch, Handbag etc. will not be allowed inside the Counting Centre and the police personnel will check these materials thoroughly.
Victory Processions:

Adequate arrangement is to be made for victory procession of different political parties.
Intensive Mobile Patrolling is to be introduced in sensitive pockets.