Continuous drainage clearance work helps in smooth flow of rainwater across Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: The Storm Water Control Room in Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and online Bhubaneswar One toll free number received 12 complaints from 6 am in the morning till 6 pm in the afternoon.
While the number of water logging complaints received through Bhubaneswar One toll number was 5, through Storm Water Control Room seven complaints were received between 6 AM in the morning and 3 PM today.
Meanwhile, the Indian Meteorology Department (IMD) Bhubaneswar office has indicated that between 8.30 am Wednesday to 8.30 am Thursday the city has experienced 97.7 mm rainfall. As yesterday’s rainfall was 25 mm, last night alone the city experienced more than 72 mm rainfall, as per the IMD data. However, due to the continuous work and intensive drainage clearance the rainwater was seen flowing smoothly across all the drainage channels and major drains without any obstruction.
With the 72.7 mm rainfall during last night many low-lying and vulnerable localities needed de-watering pumps and for that several ones were pre-positioned as per the warnings issued by IMD. It can be noted here that since 6 am in the morning seven pumps from Odisha Fire Services and 14 from BMC were either engaged for pumping or pre-positioned for the de-watering activity.
The seven pumps of Odisha Fire Services pumps were engaged at: Gouri Garden (2), Gouri Nagar (1), Gouri Shankar English Medium School (1), Ratna Villa (2) and Pabitra Guest House (1).
The BMC pumps were engaged at Mallick Complex (1), Nilakantheswar Temple Baramunda (1), Paika Nagar (2), New Forest Park Colony (1), Gayatri Nagar (1), Rudrapur (Pahala) (1), Adhekhala backside of BJB Nagar (1), Malianta Tank (1), Garage Chhak Sai Temple backside (1), Sriram Nagar (1), Slab industry backside (1), Gouri Shankar English Medium School (1) and Nuagaon Main Road (1).
The multi-agency 24X7 control room at BMC comprising people from Water Resource Department and Public Health Engineering Organisation and BMC Drainage Division continued to run at BMC for effective coordination of the different work related to water-logging and other grievances.
13 teams across 13 sub zones were deployed to monitor the situation across the city in 67 wards. Team BMC’s 40 engineers were also on high alert to manage any kind of situation due to high rainfall.
Storm Water Control Room at BMC is also functioning through the number- 0674-243228. People can also call on Bhubaneswar Operations Centre numbers (Bhubaneswar One) – 18003450061.