Coal Ministry Auctions 29 Coal Mines, having Geological Reserves of 8160 Million Tonnes

Ministry of Coal had launched the auctions of coal mines for commercial mining under 6th round and 2nd attempt of 5th round on 3rd November 2023, the biggest tranche of auction of commercial coal mines, which has drawn to a close today. In the auctions held a cumulative 29 coal mines were successfully auctioned. The details of the coal mines auctioned are as under:-

  • 22 coal mines are fully explored coal mines and 7 coal mines are partially explored coal mines
  • The total geological reserves for these 29 coal mines are ~8160 Million Tonnes.
  • Cumulative PRC for these coal mines is 74.96 MTPA (excluding Partially Explored coal mines).

The auctions witnessed a strong competition, with a lot of first-time bidders in this round and an average revenue share of 22.12 %. This is a testament to the continued interest in the coal mining sector and the stable future of coal mining in India.  This also signify that the reforms brought in by the Government in the coal sector through the introduction of commercial coal mining have been well received by the industry.

The mine-wise result for auctions held is as under:

S. No. Name of the Mine State PRC (mtpa) Geological Reserves (MT) Closing Bid Submitted by Final Offer (%)
1 Choritand Tiliaya Jharkhand 0.78 97.04 Rungta Metals Pvt. Ltd. 11.25%
2 Dongeri Tal-II Madhya Pradesh 2.90 158.45 Mahavir Coal Resources Private Limited 24.75%
3 Datima Madhya Pradesh 0.36 13.30 Shree Cement Limited 27.25%
4 Arjuni East Madhya Pradesh 1.36 106.12 Ultratech Cement Limited 79.25%
5 Arjuni West Madhya Pradesh NA 110.17 Ganga Khanij Private Limited 25.25%
6 Baitarni West Odisha 15.00 1,152.11 Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd 33.50%
7-8 Banai & Bhalumuda Chhattisgarh 12.00 1,376.07 JSW Steel Limited 43.00%
9 Binja Jharkhand NA 50.00 Assam Mineral Development Corporation Limited 21.25%
10 Burakhap Small Patch Jharkhand 0.40 9.68 Shreesatya Mines Private Limited 45.50%
11 Burapahar Odisha 6.00 547.89 Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Ltd 40.75%
12 Chhendipada (Revised) Odisha NA 513.09 Rungta Sons Private Limited 13.00%
13 Dahegaon-Gowari Maharashtra 0.50 162.79 Ambuja Cements Limited 5.50%
14 Gare Palma Sector – I(East) Chhattisgarh 15.00 965.00 Jindal Power Limited 9.00%
15-16 Gare Palma Sector IV/2 and Gare Palma Sector IV/3 Chhattisgarh 7.00 186.86 Jindal Power Limited 30.75%
17 Gondbahera Ujheni Madhya Pradesh 4.12 672.87 MP Natural Resources Private Limited 7.00%
18 Kalambi Kalmeshwar (Western Part) Maharashtra NA 47.78 Samlok Industries Private Limited 15.00%
19 Khagra Joydev West Bengal 3.00 178.26 Orissa Metallurgical Industry Private Limited 5.00%
20 Mandla North Madhya Pradesh 1.50 195.37 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited 21.00%
21 Marwatola – VI Madhya Pradesh 1.50 78.997 JSW Cement Limited 42.50%
22 Marwatola – VII Madhya Pradesh 1.50 188.70 Rama Cement Industries Private Limited 15.50%
23 Namchik Namphuk Arunachal Pradesh 0.20 14.97 Coal Pulz Private Limited 65.50%
24 North West of Madheri Maharashtra NA 200.00 MH Natural Resources Private Limited 5.50%
25 Parbatpur Central Jharkhand 1.24 234.52 JSW Steel Limited 31.50%
26 Patal East (Eastern Part) Jharkhand 0.30 35.00 RCR Steel Works Private Limited 6.00%
27 Purunga Chhattisgarh NA 260.00 CG Natural Resources Private Limited 5.50%
28 Sakhigopal – B Kankili Odisha NA 500.00 Rungta Sons Private Limited 6.50%
29 Sitanala Jharkhand 0.30 108.85 JSW Steel Ltd. 5%


Coal production from these mines would significantly reduce the demand for imported thermal coal and will also reduce dependence on public sector coal mining companies. The commercial coal mine auctions will create value for the society in the form of job creation and infrastructure development in the coal bearing areas and also make a sizeable contribution to the states’ revenues with Annual Revenue generation of ~14,650 crores (excluding Partially Explored coal mines) calculated at PRC of these coal mines. It is expected that these auctions shall result in the capital investment of approximately Rs 11,250 crore and employment generation for 1,00,000 people  approximately.

The monetized value of these mines is Rs. 71,192 Crores exceeding the target set by Ministry of Finance. These mines once operational will contribute to more than 7% of country’s coal requirement.

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