CM Chouhan of Madhya Pradesh declares Panchayat representatives as commanders of Corona war

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that a fierce war against Corona continues. This war which has reached villages cannot be won without the cooperation of Panch-Sarpanch, Janpad and Zila Panchayat representatives. In this war, the Panchayat representatives are the commanders of their respective regions. All representatives will have to work with the goal of freeing their village and state of Corona by May 31, by extending every possible support in Corona curfew, Kill Corona Campaign, testing, medical kit distribution and vaccination. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was addressing the panchayat representatives of rural areas from his residence regarding Covid-19 control strategy through video conferencing.

State must be saved from getting trapped in a vicious cycle

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that Corona infection is under control in the state. As many as 78 thousand 268 tests were conducted yesterday, of which only 4 thousand 384 people have tested positive. The number of active cases is continuously decreasing. Yesterday, this number was 4 thousand 300, while 9 thousand 405 persons recovered. The state’s positivity rate is 5.6 percent. We have to keep in mind that this fight is long, so there is no time to be careless. Our state has gone through difficult times. Hospitals were flooded with Corona outbreaks, oxygen was not available. There was shortage of Remdesivir injections. With constant efforts, the arrangements have been made. If there is any negligence, the state might get trapped in the vicious cycle of Corona again.

Corona curfew must be followed

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that precaution must be taken every day in the time to come. Corona curfew should be followed in every village. Every person coming from outside the village should be tested, and those who test positive, should be treated promptly. There was no crowd for procurement, tendu patta collection and patta submission. Special care should be taken in infected villages. Care should be taken to prevent Corona infection in MNREGA works and activities like weddings etc. that invite crowds should be avoided till May 31. It should be ensured that the Kill -Corona Campaign teams must go door to door and provide medical kits to every person affected by cold and cough. Corona positive persons should be placed in home isolation or in a Covid Care Center as required.

Work on the resolve ‘Apna Gaon Corona Mukt Gaon’

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan called upon all the Panchayat representatives to pledge to free their gram panchayat of Corona by May 31 and make united efforts in this direction. We must resolve to fulfil Apna Gaon Corona Mukt Gaon. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan appealed to the Panchayat representatives that this fight against Corona cannot be won without their cooperation. The Panchs, Sarpanchs, District and Janpad Panchayat representatives and members of Crisis Management Committees will have to take up the responsibility.

Efforts are on to help poor families

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the state government is making every effort to help poor families to face the circumstances arising out of Corona. While Prime Minister Shri Modi has made arrangements for distribution of free ration for two months to the poor, the state government will provide three months ration to them. It has to be ensured that ration is distributed to all and shops are not crowded. For the children who have been orphaned due to Corona outbreak, a monthly pension of Rs five thousand, free ration and free education is being arranged. Funds have been released in the accounts of rural street vendors and construction workers. Providing relief to farmers, Prime Minister Shri Modi has released a grant of Rs 14 thousand 500 crores for DAP fertilizer.

No person will be allowed to loot

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that arrangements have been made in government and contracted hospitals for free treatment of people affected by Corona. Ayushman Card is available for the treatment of poor and lower middle class families. Hospitals are constantly being monitored. At this time of crisis, no person will be allowed to loot the public. Public awareness campaign will have to be conducted for vaccination. Also, it will be necessary to clear up the confusions related to vaccination.

Preparations for third wave must

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that preparations for the third wave of Corona are must. The state government is alert and is making necessary arrangement for health infrastructure and resources. Our effort should be to increase immunity and follow the precautions to avoid Corona in such a way that the third wave does not have any effect. Corona is a crisis against humanity. Therefore, we should make our village a homogeneous village and forget all differences and be ready to face this big crisis.

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