Civil Societies Dare Devil Adventure for Maternity Care on hill terrain villages during Titli at Gajapati

Report by Bhagabat Padhi; Paralakhemundi: As a rare adventure Non-government Organizations(NGOs) like Society for the Welfare of Weaker Sections(SWWS) & PEACE were the key support for hill terrain villages maternity-placed women of Rayagada,Nuagada & Mohana blocks of Gajapati district to transport them for safe maternity care.
At Rayagada block of Dombapur Maa Gruha Centre implemented by SWWS their supporting staff with the help of health staff evacuated those 15 ante-natal mothers from Titli affected Gangabada Panchayat which is inaccessible & hill-terrain one.Later on they cared their primary check up & later on referred to nearest Rayagada Community Health Centre(CHC).So also staff of PEACE at B.Khajuripada under Nuagada block shifted 2 maternity care women from inaccessible Anugur to their Maa Gruha centre(at B.Khajuripada) & subsequently referred to B.Khajuripada CHC.Also at Mohana block of Rakeshpanka village under Kachabadi gp,one woman named Jema Mallick had delivery pain & immediately transported to Mohana CHC.On that deadly cyclone-rain ravaged night she delivered a baby along with other 2 new born babies. Fortunately by painstaking contributions by CHC staff all 3 new born babies & their mothers are safe.All 3 baby girl children named as “Titli”.For their die-hard rescue district administration accoladed D.Jagannath Raju & Bhikari Behera Chief Functionaries of SWWS & PEACE respectively & also their field staff.

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