Cities which are historically significant in Rajasthan

Well, it is no more a hidden truth or any of a kind that Rajasthan is one of the states that has a rich history associated. It is perhaps the only state that has witnessed the maximum number of Hindu rulers. Every ruler who made any part of the state their dwelling made sure to leave behind monuments and architecture to live through them. Though the entire state has experienced different rulers at different times, a few cities hold the most significant place when it comes to rich history. Today, we will take a tour to a few of these cities while tracking back their history.

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Cities with great historical significance:


Mewar is one name which has made its name not only in the map of Rajasthan but entire India. Many know Mewar mainly with its association of kings and queen of the past. It once served as the major Rajput Kingdom. Though many dynasties flourished and perished in this land, the tale of Maharana Pratap is still the one people remember. Maharana Pratap set a legendary example for not yielding in front of Akbar when most of the rulers were afraid of him and to avoid a war they even signed a peace treaty with Akbar. Another very famous king associated from the same land is Rana Kumbha.


Another very important city in the history of Rajasthan is Amer. Yes, you might have heard the name because of its association to Jodha Bai. Jodha Bai was the daughter of Bihari Mal who was the ruler of Amer. He, like other Rajput and Hindu rulers of that time, was scared of Akbar and he agreed on signing a peace treaty. In return, he agreed to marry Jodha to Akbar. There is no need to elaborate this story further as the majority know about it and credits go the to the movie and series adaptation of the same. Today, Amer is the part of Jaipur Municipal Corporation.


The place has recently shot to the fame for its feature in the movie “Padmavat.” The city is located in the Southern part of the state. The fort of Chittorgarh was made by the Mauryans back in 7 A.D. However, the debate on the initial rulers is still not clear. The place has a rich history associated with it and it dates back to the time of Rani Padmini. Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi, attacked Chittorgarh in the 1300s with the hope of taking Rani Padmini as he went mad in love with the Rani after he saw the glimpse of her beauty. But, he couldn’t get what he wished for as Rani Padmini chose for the self-immolation act famously called as “Jauhar,” where she walked into the large fire. Another historical association of Chittorgarh is with Meera Bai.

These are a few places that are historically very important in the princely state. Though going through many ups and downs and destruction, most of the places still have been preserved.