Cinema is not just for entertainment, films should also infuse ethics, morality, patriotism among the youth – Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi : The Vice President, M. Venkaiah Naidu today said the purpose of good cinema is not just entertainment and urged filmmakers to make films that infuse a sense of ethics, morality, patriotism and humanity among the youth.

Addressing a gathering after releasing the book ‘Raj Kapoor: The Master at Work’ authored by well-known film director, Rahul Rawail in New Delhi today, the Vice President emphasized that cinema should be a vehicle with a higher purpose and motivate our youth to fight social evils such as casteism, corruption, gender discrimination and criminality.

Naidu said that politicians, media and film makers have greater responsibility in maintaining standards and keeping the larger interests of the people in view of the decline in values in every sphere of life.

He also disapproved of the glorification of violence in films and use of ‘vulgarity’ and obscenity as it “impacts young minds negatively”. He said that cinema should create positive feeling in the minds of the people, particularly the youth. He also advised film makers to make cinema with passion keeping in mind the interests of the nation.

Noting that Indian films are watched world over, Shri Naidu highlighted that cinema has emerged as an important link culturally, connecting the vast Indian diaspora with their roots back home. “I would urge our filmmakers to avoid including such scenes in their movies which portray our great culture in poor light, or weaken the traditions, values and the ethos of our grand civilization,” he added.

The Vice President recalled that in the old good old days a film used to create a huge impact and run for weeks and months. He advised the younger generation of film makers to make every effort for ever-lasting impression with their films.

Shri Naidu complimented Shri Rahul Rawail and his co-author, Ms Pranika Sharma for bringing out this remarkable memoir of legendary filmmaker- Raj Kapoor, who is acclaimed as the greatest showman of Hindi cinema. Calling Shri Raj Kapoor a farsighted genius and versatile actor, Shri Naidu said that his contribution to the Indian film industry is immeasurable. “Most of Raj Kapoor’s films carried a crucial life lesson, depicted with great nuance and singularity. I truly miss the cinema of that era,” he added.

Praising Raj Kapoor as a team-builder of exceptional merit, Shri Naidu said that he had the unique knack of unearthing remarkable hidden talent in actors, composers, writers and lyricists. Noting that many of his memorable songs such as ‘Awara hoon’ remain hugely popular not only in India but in numerous countries across the world, the Vice President said that Raj Kapoor, through his films, turned Indian cinema into a vehicle of cultural diplomacy.

Observing that many of Shri Raj Kapoor’s films represent cinema for social consciousness, Shri Naidu underlined that, through the medium of cinema, he touched upon social changes like the growing obsession with money and consumerism, and the rapid decline of human values.

Commending Shri Rawail’s effort in putting together this tribute to his mentor, Shri Naidu said that his book is not simply for cinema enthusiasts and students of cinema but anyone who wants to learn more about the history of Indian cinema or even someone who simply enjoys watching films.

The Vice President also asked people to maintain all Covid-related protocols and  get themselves vaccinated. As per the experts, vaccine is the only safety measure available along with maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle, he added.

Well known film personality, Shri Randhir Kapoor, popular actor, Shri Ranbir Kapoor, columnist, Shri Suhel Seth, Ms Meenakshi Singh from Bloomsbury India, and others were present at the event which was held at India Habitat Center in National Capital.

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