CIL has approved 52 projects during FY21 & FY 22,says Pralhad Joshi

New Delhi : The production of coal during last 03 years and corresponding growth percentage are as under-


Year Coking coal (in MT)
  1. coal (in MT)
Total Raw coal (in MT) Growth (%)
2019-20 52.936 677.938 730.874 +0.30%
2020-21 44.787 671.296 716.083 -2.02%
2021-22 51.702 726.488 778.190 +8.67%


Government has taken following steps to enhance the extraction of the coal in the country –


  1. Coal India Limited has set a target to enhance its production to reach the level of 1.00 BT by the year 2024-25 to meet the demand of coal indigenously and to eliminate non-essential import of coal in the country. To achieve this target, CIL has taken following initiatives –
  • CIL has approved 52 projects during FY21 & FY 22. These projects will add additional capacity of about 278 Mty and projected to contribute additional production of about 102 Mt by FY 25.
  • CIL is enhancing its capacity through efficiency enhancement under the special dispensation of EIA Act.
  • Smaller subsidiaries like ECL & BCCL are enhancing its capacity through marginal schemes and OC patches.
  • CIL has initiated process for operating 15 nos. of mines through MDO route having an ultimate capacity of 168.6 Mty.
  • Discontinued/abandoned mines, having considerable coal reserves, are being offered for reopening on revenue sharing basis.
  • CIL is implementing the application of more and more MPT in UG mines wherever feasible to enhance its UG production capacity.
  • To improve evacuation efficiency, 44 First Mile Connectivity (FMC) projects are being implemented.
  • 14 critical new rail line projects are being constructed for effective coal evacuation.
  • CIL has taken initiatives for improvement in productivity by enhancing efficiency of its mines with the introduction of Digitization of operation.
  • All out efforts are being made at all levels, for overcoming constraints like possession of non-forest land, diversion of forest land and other statutory clearances.
  1. NLC India Limited (NLCIL) has set target of 18.00 MT coal production by 2024-25.
  2. The Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) has planned to enhance the coal production to 80 MT by FY2024-25 by opening of new coal mines, increase in EC capacity in potential mines.
  3. Government is auctioning commercial mining and making all efforts to operationalize them.

(b)Coal companies have taken following measured to provide better working conditions for the labourers working in coal mines alongwith giving them better health facilities –

  1. Following are provided to coal mine workers for their safety –
  • Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) as per job-specific requirement such as Mining Shoes, Gumboots, Helmet, Safety Belt, Safety harness / Safety Hook, Hand Gloves, Protective Goggles, Ear muffs, Self-contained breathing apparatus (for rescue workers) etc.
  • Personal Cap lamp for working at underground (UG) mines.
  • Rest Shelter, First-Aid Station & First-Aid Room and Mine station.
  • Ergonomically Designed machines used in mines.
  • Sufficient illumination and water spraying arrangement to ease working in mines.
  • Adequate Ventilation and support for safety of workers at below ground mines.
  1. In order to provide better working condition and better health facilities for labourers working in Coal Miners, coal companies are paying utmost attention towards welfare amenities/facilities (Statutory & Non-statutory) to all employees working in Coal Mines. Some of the facilities being provided are:-
  • Housing facilities for workers is located near their workplace.
  • Provision of clean and wholesome water
  • Financial assistance and infrastructure facilities to schools operating in Mines areas.
  • Scholarships
  • Financial assistance towards meeting the cost of education for pursuing studies of engineering / Medical in IITs, NITs, Government Engineering and Government Medical College.
  • Cash Award and certificate of appreciation to the Meritorious wards of employees who secure 90% or above Marks in aggregate in 10th and 12th standard Board level examination.
  • Medical facilities to the employees and their families through various medical establishments from the dispensary level to the central and Apex Hospitals in different parts of the coalfields. For specialized treatment, where the expertise/ facilities are not available, they are also referred for treatment outside in the empaneled hospital
  • In accordance with the provision of the Mines Act 1952 and Rules and Regulations framed there-under, coal companies are maintaining various statutory welfare facilities for the coal mines such as Canteen, Rest Shelters etc.
  • In order to supply essential commodities and consumer goods at a cheaper rate in the collieries, Central Co-operative and Primary Co-operative Stores are functioning in the Coalfield Areas of CIL. In addition, Co-operative Credit Societies are also functioning in the Coal Companies.
  • The Management of Coal companies are providing infrastructure facilities to the various Nationalized Banks for opening their Branches and Extension Counters in the Coalfields for the benefit of their workers.
  • There are recreational and sports facilities near residential colonies of workers to ensure the well-being and good health of the workers and their families.
  • Post retirement medical benefits to its retired employees (Executive & Non-executive) and its spouse for their treatment in the empaneled hospitals throughout the country.
  • Women employees are provided child care leave of 730 days (2 years) for taking care of their child up to 18 years of age for 2 eldest surviving children during their entire service period. This leave is with full pay and other benefits.

This information was given by the Union Minister of Coal, Mines and Parliamentary Affairs Shri Pralhad Joshi in a written reply in Lok Sabha today.

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