CII Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation (CDT) & AlgoBharat to Collaborate to Drive Blockchain Adoption in India

CII Tata Communications Centre for Digital Transformation (CDT) announced a new partnership with the layer 1 blockchain protocol, Algorand, for delivery of a Web 3 master class series : “Blockchain in Supply Chain” for its industry members. The partnership reflects CII – CDT’s first formal foray in blockchain technology.

The collaboration between CII and Algorand is a significant step towards promoting blockchain adoption in India and accelerating the country’s digital transformation. The master class series will provide valuable insights and knowledge to industry leaders, equipping them to better understand the advantages of blockchain technology and share use cases to assist with adoption.

Algorand Foundation India country head, Mr Anil Kakani, expressed enthusiasm for this new collaboration to increase blockchain adoption. Mr Kakani expressed that  “I am thrilled to build on my two decade plus relationship with CII, dating back to President Clinton’s historic visit to India in 2000, through my role with the world’s most advanced and sustainable blockchain protocol,” He further said that he is certain that CII through its strong membership connect and delivery of services will be able to take forward these Masterclass series on Block Chain to deepen the understanding of the power of blockchain to transform supply chain.

The series builds on the talk delivered last month by Dr. Nikhil Varma, Tech Lead for AlgoBharat on “Blockchain: Understanding the power of greater transparency and decentralization,” at Algorand Foundation’s initiative for India.

CII – CDT would initiate these Master Classes to support industry with new programming in this area. The master class series will be led by Dr. Nikhil Varma in conjunction with Algorand platform ecosystem companies. The seminar series, being by organized by Centre for Digital Transformation in collaboration with AlgoBharat, and the first Master Class is scheduled on 17th- 18th  March  2023 at the CII Conference Hall at Gurugram.


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