CII President Uday Kotak calls for doing “whatever it takes” to ensure production, supply and distribution of vaccines

New Delhi: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) strongly urged for accelerating vaccine production and following strict protocols in the fight against Coronavirus which has surged in recent weeks. CII appreciated that timely action in instituting the ‘tika utsav’ would contribute to spreading awareness and speeding up the vaccination drive in the country.

Mr Uday Kotak, President, CII, emphasized, “At this juncture, CII calls for quick action to be taken by the Government on ‘whatever it takes’ to ramp up production, supply and distribution of vaccines. Strict following and enforcement of safety and hygiene protocols by all sections of society is absolutely critical.”

CII emphasized that lockdown is not a solution in the present times and requested for maintaining stringent Covid-related protocols for public places and workplaces. At the same time, the vaccination drive must be accelerated, it stressed.

In view of the prevailing situation, CII outline a 5-point critical agenda for control of the rampant spread of infections.

One, on no account should any type of meeting or gathering comprising more than 10 people be permitted for any purpose.

Two, all safety, hygiene and health protocols must be followed stringently by all with strict enforcement measures in place, stressed CII.

Three, factories and shopfloors must be kept open for economic reasons so that production and supply chains are not disturbed. ‘Work from home’ must be prescribed or followed wherever possible. In offices where this is not possible, it needs to be ensured that only one-third attendance of employees is permitted, suggested CII.

Four, CII urged that all public transport including metros, trains and buses must run at one-third seating capacity.

Five, vaccination should be opened up to all age groups and made available for longer time periods at vaccination centers.

According to CII, the onus is on every citizen, all civil society and particularly youth to be strict about following safety protocols with the highest attention. All youth should be vaccinated and must apply restraint and adhere to all the health guidelines of sanitization, wearing of masks and social distancing.

CII also said that industry members must ensure that safeguards are strictly in place with the highest degree of enforcement.

CII said that it is communicating regularly with all its member companies with the message of following the safety guidelines and protocols.

“CII has committed itself to working strongly with Government and industry to arrest the second phase of Covid. CII would continue to regularly interact with industry members and community at large with key messages to combat the coronavirus situation,” added Mr Kotak.


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