CII in collaboration with the Canadian High Commission organized a Workshop on Sustainable & Smart Society

Bhubaneswar: The Confederation of Indian Industry in collaboration with the Canadian High Commission organized a Workshop on Sustainable & Smart Society to create an awareness on how to sustain an environment conducive to the development of the State, partnering industry, Government, and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes. In Bhubaneswar, almost 90% of the budget is allocated towards Area-based Development, which entails retrofitting, renewal and extensions in 985 acres of the city, identified for development as Bhubaneswar Town Centre District (BTCD). This includes projects related to infrastructure engineering and building development, slum housing, green and park areas, road development and accessibility.

Over the years, Canada has become a frontrunner in sustainability, with the highest social and environmental standards, and championing the innovative concepts like the circular economy. Canada has mainstreamed sustainable development priorities across its policies since the start of its mandate. However, like the rest of the world, India faces complex, changing and pressing challenges, in particular, related to its ecological debt and climate change, demographic change, migration, inequality, economic and social convergence, and pressure on public finances.

CII and the delegation from the Canadian High Commission proposed a model of incorporative energies and technologies with advanced amenity facilities, which they have designed for a smart society that can be established under sustainable living.

There was a panel discussion on building Sustainable & Smart Society where the company representative from Canada spoke on infrastructure & facilities for building up Sustainable & Smart Society. Among the various companies were Avigilon, Genetec Inc., IBI Consultancy India Pvt Ltd, Teknobuilt Ltd, and Carleton University. The event brought together 100 entrepreneurs & professionals from the industry to a common platform providing the opportunity to exchange views and ideas.

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