Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik unveils unified portal for citizens and tourists of Temple City

Bhubaneswar, March 6: In order to give people and visitors of Bhubaneswar a complete digital solution for accessing the city’s multiple services and letting them know about important and interesting information, the Unified Portal has been developed under the Bhubaneswar Smart City Project, and was launched by Honorable CM Naveen Patnaik on March 6, 2019 at Janata Maidan.
The Unified Portal has been designed to be user-friendly, carrying generic information about the city as well as links providing details regarding services offered that can be availed by people.
Through this online platform, people can know about the various Wi-Fi hotspots, stay aware of the city’s public transportation modes, easily avail an Odyssey card, know the destinations the city has to offer when they visit Bhubaneswar, avail citizen services conveniently from their computer, stay informed about city events, access various public amenities near them, navigate vital city maps and connect with city agencies.
While scouting for events or things to do can be a cumbersome process, the website makes it easier for residents to search and plan for activities suiting their interests.
Those seeking to tour the city can browse through the Visit Bhubaneswar tab to learn more about major attractions and accommodation in the city. With the city being Wi-Fi enabled, users can connect to the virtual world with over 500 hotspot locations across the city. The Mo Bus and Mo Cycle initiatives that have provided a boost to the city’s transport options also feature on the platform.
The city’s civic amenities as well as the go-to agencies for public affairs support have been highlighted, a key aspect of honing the quality of life in a Smart City. Unified Citizen Portal has been planned and designed in such a way that it will become a one-stop solution for all the queries and provide quick fixes for citizens and tourists. The portal’s bold new look and enhanced navigation experience ensures that users have a friendly online experience.
Interestingly, the portal also introduces ‘Bhuvi’ the Chat Bot, an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a chat with a user in natural language making sure that all queries are answered.
As the portal is now live for people to access, the Temple City is all set for a facelift with a digital touch, bringing ease to the lives of citizens and tourists in Bhubaneswar.